Saturday, April 12, 2008


Check out those new Southern Belle Flops would you? Savannah has been wanting some so I finally broke down and indulged. She is really into the Southern Belle thing. They are her favorite tshirts for sure and now I'm pretty sure she's not going to take the flops off either. I've had mine on all day too and they are really comfortable.

Today was just a good day. I got up early and got started working on some things around here that I intend to finish tomorrow. It has really felt good to work on the house these last couple of weeks. I just noticed today that all of my trees and shrubs except two that I planted last fall have survived and are blooming. They need a little pruning, but I was just happy to see new green growth. With a little love from these hands and some Miracle Grow, I'll have them in shape in no time. I love my flowers and my yard. I got that from my Grandmother. It gives me a sense of peace and contentment.

WE GOT GUITAR HERO FOR THE Wii TODAY!!! JEFF SURPRISED US WITH THAT! We've been wanting it since Christmas but have put it off. I don't know why really. We actually tried to find it at Easter and couldn't. Dalton has been playing it all afternoon. I haven't tried my hand at it yet, but I'm sure when I do, I won't be able to put it down.

We did the haircuts today and they are adorable.......Ashlee Mavromatis at Wilson Perry Day Spa and Salon Rocks. I'm really glad to have found her. The spa is in the same Town Centre Building as my office which makes it really convenient. We only live about 7 or 8 minutes from there anyway. OK, ready for some pictures......Dalton went first so we'll start with him........

Now is that a handsome young man or what? And look at my baby Izzy, too cute! Dalton's hair actually looks good in this picture. For some reason it did good this morning even though it really needed to be cut. He didn't like it long. It was my idea to grow it out and he just went along because he's a good kid. He wanted it short, so he got it cut short today. I think he liked Ashlee. He said he did anyway. He said he liked the salon.
Look at those big ole arms and hands. He's gonna be a big boy soon. I can barely pick him up anymore. That makes me sad. I still can, but I think it's actually easier for him to pick me up. Check out this handsome picture.
I could just eat him up. I'm working on a new camera. Mine has been a great one and I feel like I have finally mastered it, but the delay drives me insane and I still have trouble with red eye. It is an Olympus Camera and I bought it about 7 years ago. It was about the best digital camera you could get at the time, but I'm afraid it's a little outdated now. I'm looking at the Canon Rebel 10 megapixel, I think it's the ETI or something. I've been doing my homework but haven't worked it into the budget yet. I still need to do some research and would really like to try someones out a little before I buy one. I've tried some smaller cameras that I thought would be easier to carry around and more convenient but I just can't get a good quality shot from them. I'd rather have a big camera and have pictures I love than a small camera that's convenient and mediocre pictures. Well here is Dalton in the chair with Ashlee. He was very
serious for this haircut. Later, he told me it was because it was his first time with Ashlee. He used to let his Aunt Krystle cut it but we've been having some scheduling conflicts with her lately.
Before Aunt Krystle cut it, a guy named Shawn Holder cut it. I think he was Dalton's favorite. He cut my hair for about 5 or 6 years. He always showed Dalton cool ways to style it and I guess because he was a guy, Dalton took his word for it. I still fix this baby's hair everyday so I'm not real sure what he's worried about. Ashlee's baby is due in about 5 weeks. She looked absolutely precious today. She is supposed to cut mine and mom's hair next Friday. I guess I need to go ahead and get her a baby gift since I won't see her again until sometime after the baby probably.

ALL RIGHT, LETS UNVEIL DALTON'S NEW DO.............................................................................
How about those big brown eyes you can actually see now?
Gosh he's HOT, SMOKIN HOT!

OK, now on to our little Diva. This child is something else. Today as Ashlee was cutting her hair she told her it was beautiful and my lovely child answered her back, "Yes, I know it is". WELL,
So here is Savannah and Stella. Her hair had really gotten long and stringy. She won't do anything with it and it was always in her face. I gave up about a year and a half ago trying to make her fix it because she just didn't care. The most she was doing these days was a ponytail for gymnastics. I found a picture I wanted to grow mine out to and now my mom wants the same haircut and Savannah wanted a version of it.
Since she is just such a beautiful little girl, I have to show you one more picture of her and then we'll get to the good stuff.

See, that darn red eye, just kills me. Is that a pretty little girl or what? We are hard at work on those teeth. They actually look OK in this picture. She has a huge apparatus in her mouth. I think she calls it an appliance. All I know is that it's big and it makes her talk funny. She looks so much like Jeff it is scary. She acts like both of us and that is even scarier.
This is her with her head in the bowl getting it washed before chopped. She was so excited and much more into the drama than her brother. If you pull out a camera this child just goes for it. She WANTS to be the center of attention. I told her I was going to take a picture up her nose so she flared her nostrils so I could get a good one. I hate to admit it, but I probably would have done the same thing at her age and I know I would now. Did I mention that Savannah went skinny dipping in the back yard this past Thursday night? She wins the award for the first to get in the pool. She's crazy.

Cutting, cutting, cutting! Look at the excitement on her face. You can tell she already loves it.

She was ready to get it all fixed and get out of there because she wanted some finished photos taken. She just had to see how good the new look was gonna be on film.
I'd say she turned out pretty good.
Check out these two poses.

Now is that a cute haircut or what? After spending a couple of hours together getting haircuts, I gave one last shot at getting a picture of them together. They were no longer into humoring me so I used my mommy voice and at least got this out of them...............................................................

Aren't they cute? I just love them. Everyone has gone to bed and I guess I'm heading that way. I feel rested and have a wonderful sense of peace tonight. The day was beautiful and so many things just began to make more sense. I heard Total Eclipse of the Heart today on the radio. If you haven't heard it in awhile, listen to it. It's a great song and it spoke volumes to me today.

I even tried my hand at Thai food tonight. It wasn't Bangkok Alley, but it was edible. For the first try, I'm gonna say not bad. I am loving my kitchen. Who knows, I may start to like to cook again.

Kiss your babies and tell people you love them!

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