Monday, April 21, 2008

Back to the Grind

I am obviously feeling guilty for not posting last night. I woke up this morning having dreamed that a friend sent me a text message asking me why I deleted my blog. I actually opened my computer last night and before I could start typing, I fell asleep. Izzy woke me up about 3o minutes later crying because there wasn't enough room for her on the couch. I've been having crazy dreams. The last two nights I have woken up screaming. I rememeber what the first night was about and it was just silly but I don't remember what happened last night. I'm freaking Jeff out, that's for sure.
I was going to go back to work today, but after seeing how I felt and talking to Lenia this morning, I decided to give it one more day. Can you believe, I'm actually doing what the doctor said to do? I'm feeling pretty good and it looks better everyday. I don't want to take any chances. By the way, Lenia brought me the BEST strawberry dessert yesterday. I forgot what she calls it, but I call it Heaven. It was so good!!! I could eat the whole dish but then I would be sad because I wouldn't have any for later.
The kids went back to school this morning. Dalton got his contacts in all by himself! I love seeing his big brown eyes again. He played outside yesterday until dark. His little face was sunburned from playing outside. That is so awesome. Savannah was outside most of the day herself. She had a few little 'bouts with some of the little girls on the street. They ALL have very bossy personalities and that just does not go over well all of the time. So, needless, to say she and I spent a little time together. We watched some American Idol reruns and painted her nails. Then she was off to play some more. They fight, but they get over it quickly.
Jeff went over and helped a friend put up their privacy fence. They didn't finish, but they got the posts set. He was gone all day too. He is definately sunburned. I was sure he was going to screw his back up but he says his back is fine but his legs are killing him. He was apparently overcompensating for his back with his legs. I don't know when they plan to finish the job. He hasn't said.
We have another meeting tomorrow with an attorney to see what else we need to do about Aunt J. It's kind of strange around here right now. All of her stuff is gone and we don't even know where she is. It hasn't been that way for years so this is a really big adjustment, especially for Jeff.
I'm going to attempt a shower by myself and see if I can get all "wrapped up". Mom still isn't here and Jeff is not into helping me. I don't really blame him. I guess it sort of hurts my feelings, but then again, I should know better by now then to let something like that hurt me. It's about time I can handle this on my own anyway. Mom is coming home later today!!! I think I've already voiced how I feel when she isn't here. I know she needs a break from time to time but it sure is hard on me.
I've been painting lamps and still working on pictures and things around here. They are looking really good. I've got some more to work on today and Mom is always a big help. Jeff just does what I ask him to and says it all looks good even when it dosen't. That's why I need someone objective here when I do this stuff.
Jeff got the scooter working last night that I bought at the yard sale. The kids didn't know it. It finished charging about 8:30 last night which was right when they were going to bed. We thought about telling them, but then decided they shouldn't ride it for the first time in the dark. It's gonna hurt if they wreck. We didn't figure the dark would help the saftey situation at all.
Savannah has cheer practice tonight at 5:30. Here we go....another week. I wonder what kind of craziness will happen on this ride.

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