Monday, April 14, 2008

life changes in the blink of an eye

wow things can really change fast. i knew the day would come when there just wouldn't be enough hours to sit down and write about what all happened during the course of the day. well, it happened yesterday. i had a fabulous weekend, but by last night i was just exhausted. jeff needed the computer to draft a letter we had been putting off all weekend long and i fell asleep waiting on my laptop. i guess all those hours i logged on guitar hero for the wii really wore me out. i've been looking for our video camera because i'm pretty sure that me playing could win $50,000 on america's funniest videos. all day today, both of my arms and hands were shaking from the workout they got over the weekend. that is not something that comes naturally for me. dalton is really good at it. the rest of us STINK. i still can't find the video camera, but i sure have gotten a lot more stuff put up around here. i even got two pictures hung. now, i'm on a roll. it took me 8 months to put a nail in the wall and jeff made me quit tonight. i was ready to hang everything. i think the mental block has been lifted.
ok, today's changes were plenty and this weeks pressures really set in. we'll start with a big one, my baby boy, my dalton, got contacts. he got this girlfriend about two weeks ago and now he has to have contacts. i'm pretty sure we need to go ahead and get rid of her. this mama isn't going to let go easy. we had to have a haircut over the weekend and contacts today and we've only had this little girl for about two weeks. i'm thinking i may need to "unhook" this "hook up".
savannah had her first cheerleading practice and i had to write the first check. oh my! i don't remember my sports costing this much. AND, i had to drop her off. parents aren't allowed in the gym when the girls are practicing. i felt like i had to let go of both of some of my babies today. have i mentioned i don't handle change well and i'm slightly over protective when it comes to my children? if i haven't, i apologize, i should have. i showed up with my camera thinking this was definately a moment that should be documented with photographs and then i was gently reminded that was not allowed at practices. i'm considered a "new" mom. ha! wait till the first time i tell them to kiss my a**!
jeff is in the middle of building another custom house for a couple not far from ours and his back is out. all of his time is taken up by construction right now and he doesn't feel good. i feel like i have been running kids non-stop lately. despite all of that, my numbers are still up at work. prayer, that's all i can say. somehow things just work out. we are just a little overloaded right now.
i hope i have time tomorrow to make a post. another agent and i are hosting a little dinner tomorrow night at bangkok alley. their thai food is much better than mine. i may be out a little late. if so, i'll catch everyone up on wednesday night after my "little" procedure.
say a prayer, hug your babies, and tell those you love how you feel.

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