Thursday, April 10, 2008

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Well, today has just been a day. That's about the most positive I can come up with right now. That sounds horrible, huh? Focus on the positive, Kacy.....Good things did happen today but the over all mood is in the pits. My MRI came back and said my brain was "grossly intact". I understand that is a good thing, but the wording is a little strange. While I do have recurrent Bells Palsy now diagnosed by a Neurologist, I was also told I was fine. Tonight I am tired and have had a couple of bouts with tears so my right eye is just about shut. The positive in this is that I'm not drooling. I also cleaned house and changed beds (nervous habit). One more thing to celebrate, NO STEROIDS today. That probably explains some of the tears. Those things are rough. Savannah and I had gymnastics together tonight for the last time for awhile. I did all of mine by myself tonight. Ray worked with her while I landed on my head half of the time and landed on my feet the other half. I'll take it. Savannah had a little bout with the fear fairy today. She got up on the mat and FROZE. The tears started streaming and Ray said that was enough for this week. I really like him. She is exhausted. She's been up there at the gym every night this week and I appreciated him seeing an 8 year old little girl who was just worn out.
They just went to bed. Dalton was still bouncing off the walls. I am so happy to see some spring in his step lately. He has really livened up since the weather changed. He had a few homework meltdowns tonight. I let Jeff handle those this evening. Tension was just high around here and we were all at each others throats. So I went around and took some pictures of the pets as I was cleaning.
I don't remember if I've already said that two of our 3 dogs got "fixed" Monday. They are doing much better tonight. The little one, Ethel, is still having to take children's Tylenol. She is about 4 and we really waited to late to have her fixed. We thought she would be a good mom but after she and the lab "synced" up it was just too much to handle and the thought of dealing with puppies right now or any other time in the last 4 years has just not been appealing to me.
Meet Ethel Thayer Acree. She is Jeff's dog. We have proven nature vs. nurture in this house with our Yorkies. Ethel is a man's Yorkie. She looks like one and she acts like one. She is very layed back but she will bite. She doesn't take any crap and she's just not very pretty. Of course, we all love her dearly, she is just a no frills Yorkshire Terrier. She was not very happy to being having her picture taken either. This is the most I could get her to look at me.
Then you have Stella..........
She is also about 4. Stella is my Yorkie. She thinks she's beautiful and prefers her hair long and combed daily. If you don't do what she says she won't shut up until you do it. She is very sassy and definitely knows how to get her point across. She doesn't bite, but she will nip you to let you know that you aren't doing what she is asking you to do for her. She yaps way too much and basically drives most of us nuts. She knows when I need her though and she always has. She treats me fine, but mostly gets on everyone else's nerves.
Now, here is my BIG BABY, Isabella "Izzy" Acree:

This was taken tonight, too. It was storming tonight and she got a little nervous. I sat down for a minute and she just jumped up in my lap. This girl sleeps with me every night. I've never really had a big dog until we got Izzy and I didn't want her when we got her. Now, I just love her to death. She is a little skiddish and scared of men for sure, but she is MY BABY. I wouldn't trade her for anything. She minds really well and is so smart. She also likes to swim. We finally taught her to swim to the steps to get out of the pool last summer. Every time you jump off the diving board she jumps in after you. She's a lot of fun.
Then we have Tony the Tiger. For a cat, he's cool. I certainly wouldn't have any other cat. Tony uses the doggy door, so no litter box. Other than being very vocal, which I guess fits in around here, he's a good guy. He, too, I would say is Jeff's cat. We had some renters one time that moved out of a house and just left him. He's been with us ever since. We aren't sure how old he is.
I wish I could figure out how to turn him the right way. I'm a little too tired and drained tonight to figure it out. Hang with me and turn your head if you don't mind. Next time, I'll figure it out. Check out those fangs. This picture of him looks evil. He has never even scratched anyone. He is the most gentle cat I've ever met. As long as you don't have to give him medicine, all is good. Sometimes he eats strange things outside and gets some intestinal issues and we have to give him some meds. Other than that, he just rocks along. I think he thinks he's a dog.
A friend of ours lost her brother tonight. This is her second brother to lose in the last year or so. Our thoughts and prayers are with you tonight and your family, too, girl.
I talked myself into handing things over tonight in the midst of all my cleaning. I had to have a defining moment and I guess I did. I know I have a lot to be thankful for and I'm ready to see it again instead of feeling bogged down by all of the things I can't control. That sounds good. Now lets test it. Kiss your babies goodnight and tell your friends and family how much you love them. You never know how much they may need to hear it or what it could mean to you in the long run. Don't regret not saying it later.

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