Friday, April 25, 2008


It's 7:50 Friday night and I am having a rare moment at home alone. I don't remember the last time I was home alone. Mom is on her way and Jeff and the kids are at Springfest. I couldn't do it this year. Today was awesome, but I am exhausted! Just 9 days post-op, I worked all day today with NO pain meds!!!! I'll be lucky to see 9 p.m. but I think that's an accomplishment. I'm done with them and reclaiming my life. I'm not sure which is worse, surgery or drugs. I think it's the latter as that isn't the first time I've had that thought.
Jeff and I leave tomorrow for Talledega!!!! I can't wait. I've never been and have been wanting to go for years. Dalton and Savannah are mad but I think they are staying with their Aunt Krystle and they will have a blast anyway.
The thunder is starting and making the dogs go nuts. I love the rain. Dalton and Stella hate it.
Dalton will probably call soon and make me come get him. Savannah will stay where ever her Daddy is no matter what the weather looks like.
Have a safe Spring weekend. I'm hitting the hay!
Hug your babies and share your love!

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