Friday, April 18, 2008


Today is just a smelly day. I don't feel great today. I've done too much the last couple of days and am having to have some down time to try and recuperate. PLUS, we've had an interesting turn of events in the last couple of days. Jeff's great Aunt Juanita has been living here with us since we moved into this house. Her husband passed away about 3 years ago and after Jeff's dad passed away, she really didn't have much family. She fell in love with Jeff and we collectively decided to build this house and have her live here so we could take care of her as she got older. She fell back around the first of the year and landed on her forehead. Since then, she has had many episodes of memory problems and just some bad health. The week of Easter we took her to Spring City TN to stay a few days with a good friend of hers. Later that week, when, Jeff talked to her, which he did everyday, she told us she was going to go stay another week with some friends in Georgia.
To make a very long story short, she got home yesterday with her friends from Georgia and the police to get her clothes. WE WERE STUNNED. The mind can play some really terrible tricks on you when you get older apparently. Anyway, today, the big truck from Allied Moving Company and several men are here packing her things and taking them to a storage facility in Georgia. She won't tell us what her plans are or where she plans to live. We believe right now, that it is in an apartment in Georgia. Jeff is devastated by all of this and we both know she is not capable of making it on her own. We don't have much say though and she has made that clear to us.
It's raining and the day just kind of stinks, ya know? Anyway, I'll probably have more to say later, I guess I just wanted to get all of this out. It's been the major thing on our minds for the last couple of weeks and it all came to a head yesterday. Please pray for Juanita and her friends who obviously feel like they are doing the best thing for her but that just don't know her. Much love,

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