Monday, April 7, 2008

Starting Over

As usual, things don't always go as planned, so take two on the blog. We are going to pretend this is my first post and all is normal. Just go with me on this....please. I have a Scarlett O'Hara outlook on things sometimes. This is just one of them. I'll worry about this some other time.
Today had good moments and rough ones. The rough ones I'm over, they did motivate me to do a little decorating around here which was badly needed. I actually have some pictures framed and shelves cleaned off and things sitting on them.
Two of my girls, Izzy and Ethel, were spade today and are both home resting comfortably at my feet as I type in another sleepless night. Only two more days of steroids!! I saw a neurologist today and that went well. I really liked him, anyway, and felt like he was very thorough. I am scheduled to have an MRI sometime in the next couple of days for this Bells Palsy. My eye is shut tonight, but no drooling so I guess that was positive. He seemed to think it would pass soon but wants to be sure, since after the first round of steroids it got worse. He said I could stop the antiviral meds. My head isn't hurting tonight and I wonder if that might be why.
How 'bout them TIGERS tonight? That was just sad. Those boys played hard and I really wanted to see them win. The kids conked out before the game was over. Savannah has her cheer leading clinic tomorrow afternoon and tryouts on Wednesday. Jeff is taking Dalton to a birthday party. I'll have to take some pics of her tomorrow! She's done this once before and made it but then decided to play soccer instead. Cheering takes a lot of time, but with her best friend trying out she swears she wants to do it. We will miss our tumbling lesson tomorrow since she has a 3 hour clinic. She is going to be worn out.
I got a new catalog in the mail today from St. Jude with some really precious things in it. If you have time, check it out online and see what you can do to get some "Spring Spirit" and help out those gorgeous babies. Hug your loved ones tonight, cherish your friendships, and don't be too shy to say "I Love You". You never know what kind of difference it will make to someone.

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