Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Well Miss Savannah Acree made the tumbling team for Wildcats tonight. Finally, payoff day was here. I am so proud of her hard work and even the meltdowns now. Seeing her precious smile on her beautiful face tonight has made it all worth it. Imagine, for just a minute, being 8 years old, working to get a back hand spring for a whole year and then making the team with your BEST friend! Now, is that a little girl dream or what? (I'm told it is!) Ha, I was on a BMX bike in the mud with some boys at her age and playing baseball in the cove with my hair tied up.....not exactly the girly girl. Anyway, she's beautiful and she makes my heart skip a beat with every sparkle of those clear blue eyes.
Now, on to Dalton. We have some new terminology in the Acree house today. What does the term "hookin' up" mean to you? I'd really like some feedback on this one. Dalton came in today and told me he "hooked up" with a little girl on the bus on the way home from school today. I don't normally let him ride the bus, but this week has been pretty crazy. We just crossed this road this year. I expressed my concerns of the children riding the bus to Jeff and explained that everything I learned about sex I learned on the school bus. Jeff proceeded to tell me that explained things, I had apparently rode the short bus to school. That was a defining moment in marriage. Anyway, after several questions, I have concluded that "hookin' up" means what "goin' together" used to mean. That was a RELIEF. He is in 3rd grade. I have just been trying to encourage open lines of communication. Just a few months ago, girlfriend was a word NOT to be spoken around this house. Goodness, looking back, these kids are touchy. They change so fast.
Several people have asked why I am doing this blog thing. I even read in a magazine today that blogging was narcissitic. That thought never occured to me. My goal is to let our friends and family keep up with us, while I keep up with my kids. Some days, I just sit and laugh and cry at the things they and we have done. It's too much to remember and it just goes too fast. I hope this will work for me for awhile.
I'm watching "Idol Gives Back" !!!!! Gotta give a shout out to ALLSTATE for backing this. The Acree's are addicted to American Idol, via their mother. I haven't missed a concert. I even have a Clay Aiken tshirt from the concert and I will admit it! Savannah and I sat front row center at this past years concert. We got to meet ALL of the finals including Jordan Sparks. Blake was my favorite and Savannah was a little turned on by Chris. He was pretty hot, but he was just a Blake wannabe to me.
If anybody's reading, say a little prayer for me in the a.m. My MRI is at 8. I would sure like to hear there is nothing permanately wrong with my face. Tonight was the last of the steriods. I would also love to let go of this 15 pounds. I weighed today and I am right on the money with that figure. 15 lbs in two weeks is the pits!! (Ok, that part may have been narcissitic.) I have a week to get it off, yeah right, keep your fingers crossed.
I'm a little down tonight even with all of the excitement. I've got a lot on my mind and am having some difficulty trying to sort through it all. Do you ever just feel like something is missing? Well, it's missing right now. I have too many worries and don't have the capability to take care of all of them. I realize this is when you turn it over and I wish I was better at that. I'm a fixer though. I have almost convinced myself to hand it all over at this point. There are still some things I refuse to let go of though and I think that defeats the purpose. Any insight on this topic would be helpful as well. I'm just really worn down right now. You know how your eyes fill up with tears and you don't want them to. They've been doing that all day. I've got a friend struggling right now, and it bothers me. Thats had me down this week. It's all good, it always is. I know that in my heart, but sometimes walking through it all is hard to do.
I'll keep pressing on, I always do.

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