Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Wow, what a night. I am currently in the gym with MORE little girls than I have ever cared to be with and Hannah Montana blaring in the background. I'm not much of a girly girl so you can just imagine. I can currently feel the hives crawling up my back and neck (that happens when stress sets in.) I'm about to attempt to upload pictures of these gymnastic lessons Savannah and I have been working on. She is still in cheer clinic and I just can't watch anymore. She's doing great, but her middle name, GRACE, could have possibly been something a little more appropriate. Here we are doing a little conditioning before "throwing" any flips. Have I mentioned that steroids have added about 12-15 lbs to me in the last week and my body had NO idea what to do with it today? Here is our gym.....(be patient, this entering picture thing is new to me).......

That would be us standing around. How about some action.....Keep in mind I'm almost 35, she's 8.
Check out that form. Not bad for an old woman, huh?
If you say, yes, I refuse to listen until you have had a lesson with Ray Ray.

At $40 an hour you are welcome to come put your own body through this torture.

It's actually a lot of fun and has been a great experience for Savannah and I to do together.

Ok, now Savannah, since this is all for her she is supposed to look better than I do....

Check her out. She was awesome today and didn't give Coach Ray any of that award winning Acree Attitude. I have to say, I was very proud of her and her hard work today. It is now 7: 30 and she is still going strong and claims she isn't ready to leave except for being a little hungry. Ray is the BEST. I have kicked this poor guy in the head and taken him to his knees and he still works with me. He is awesome with Savannah, by far the best we have every had.

Check out that tuck! Don't ask me to do too many of those. This one was actually an accident and my legs were not supposed to be bent. Not only did it surprise me, but I think it got Ray, too. Look at him trying to pull my shirt off. Of course Dalton had to get in the action. He could probably flip better than Savannah and I can, he is just not into sweat.

Here we are with Ray Ray after our lesson and before 3 hours of cheerleading clinic! We all survived and that's just one more day in this lesson of life. Who knows, maybe she found a calling today......Till next time.



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