Thursday, April 17, 2008

Can't Sleep!

I am starting this at 2:10 a.m. if that tells you anything. I don't know if it is because I slept the better part of the day or if it is because Jeff is snoring at a decibel that is sure to wake the neighbors. After 2 hours of laying in bed trying to go to sleep, I finally got up and grabbed the computer and came to sit in my little sitting area. Just this last weekend, I finally set up the "sitting area" in our bedroom and got the last of the boxes out of this room. It only took me 8 1/2 months, give me a break, HA!!! I love it now that it's done and of course just wish I had done it sooner.
Speaking of my neighbors, (this is just some little trivia about the new Acree house) our neighbors on either side of us have the same last name and the women have the same first name. I wonder what the odds of that are!?
Guess what else happened today....I was cleaning out a drawer in my bedroom and getting some things together to send to my "sister-in-law" and I found a LIVE tick crawling on an article of clothing. So now, I totally have the creeps. I don't know if much freaks me out more than a good ole tick. Needless to say, every pet around here got a new application of Frontline Plus. As I'm typing this, I had to get up because I was just sure there was one on the back of my leg. Of course, there is nothing there. Maybe that's why I can't sleep. There are probably ticks waiting to get on me and subliminally I know that and won't go to sleep.
Dalton and Savannah went to bed tonight at 8. They were exhausted and Jeff had to go to a dinner at Jim's Place for an employee that won a "Purple Promise Award". I'm not real sure what that is, but it's a big deal at FedEx. Dalton had dark circles under his eyes and you could hear in his voice, he was just ready to have a meltdown at any minute. Savannah had gymnastics again tonight and considering the way she treated her Granny this morning when she woke her up to go to school, I decided to get them in bed early. They obviously knew they needed to, they didn't even begin to utter an argument. The only thing they said was to tell their Daddy to come up and tell them good night when he got home. He got here about 8:40 so it worked out well.
I'm watching Forensic Files and learning that if you are going to commit a murder, don't use a pair of needle nose pliers. Apparently, they can track those and link the striations back to you, kind of like a bullet. I'm not considering murder or anything, but I love these crime shows. This is actually one I haven't seen before. That surprises me. I thought I had seen all of them.
I'm thinking about going upstairs and crawling in bed with my mom since Jeff is behind me howling at the moon. I'm weighing my options right now, sometimes that hurts his feelings. I may just stay here and sleep in this chair.
Now, a new Forensic Files is coming on and it's about a girl in a "Religious Cult". How about all of this stuff in the news now where they took some 400 young kids from a compound with some strange things going on? I haven't heard much about it in the last two days, but i just can't figure out how these things happen. It makes me sad.
How about Idol tonight, too? Christy Lee Cook left. I wasn't sure if it would be her or Brooke. I thought Christy Lee had a better night last night than Brooke did, but I like Brooke better overall. Oh well, when it gets to this point, even the people you like have to start going. I don't like Jason at all and am ready for him to go (sorry Lania). I think he is cool and all, but I just don't see him as a star. He seems a little clumsy and I still can't see any rhythm. Watch him dance in the group stuff....bless his heart.....he's trying and he's smiling, but he is so off. I bet the choreographers are about to go crazy with him.
Jeff got up for a potty break and has lowered the volume of this howling. I'm gonna watch this cult murder (she was decapitated) and try to get some sleep. It's probably a little late to hug your babies. Hug them in your heart and don't forget to say I Love You.

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