Saturday, April 19, 2008


What's up? Things felt very good and "normal" today. That's a scary thought. I don't even know what normal is so how would I know what it feels like......
I sat last night with my computer in my lap to update, but I couldn't hold my eyes open so I finally just gave up. I'm holding them open right now, but barely. I finally slept last night. I got some much needed rest. The movers didn't leave here yesterday until after 5. They were here all day. We had no idea it would take that long and it was very stressful.
Mom and I went to get our hair cut yesterday afternoon. Ashlee did it. Mine looks just the same, except my gray just magically disappeared. I'm still working on the growing out thing. Mom on the other hand, got hers chopped off! It looks awesome. She's at her brothers house tonight or I would take her picture and put it on here. I'll do it tomorrow. Her hair looks great. Our neighbor even came over today after she left to tell me how good it looked. Mom woke me up about 8:30 this morning ready to hit some yard sales. We had a BLAST. I got up and threw on a ball cap and we headed out. We found tons of treasures. We got an awesome antique easel, some cool baskets and candle holders, and the best finds of the day, a double stroller for my gorgeous nieces and an electric scooter for my own kiddos. We had so much fun. She and I used to do that all the time. We still do every now and then but not as regular as we used to.
Jeff took the kids to Jacob's birthday party at the bowling alley. They had a good time and then came home and played outside. The weather was just beautiful.
I've been cooking like a maniac. I've made a cherry cobbler and a blueberry cobbler in the last two days. I think this appetite of mine is starting to subside a little and it couldn't be soon enough. I'm cooking just to cook. It's nice to have your kitchen back.
OH, GUESS WHAT....JEFF GOT US TICKETS TO TALLEDEGA!!!! I've never been, but I can tell you right now, I can't wait. I can't even wait for the race to come on tomorrow. Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be as awesome as it was today. I'll be outside if that's the case. I need to do some work in these flower beds but I can't bring myself to do it yet. We are having them bricked. Actually the bricks and mortar are sitting in the driveway. It started raining the day we had them delivered and rained for about two weeks straight. Then all of this other stuff with Aunt J started and we just haven't gotten back to it. Believe it or not, out of everything we planted last fall, we only lost one azalea. I was shocked to see everything blooming.
I am now typing with one eye open, so I think I'm going to call it a night.
Hug your babies and remember to say I love you!

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