Tuesday, April 15, 2008

good times! good times!

well, when you have pancakes for lunch, what more is there to say about the day. i laughed more today than i have in a long time. my wonderful friend and co-worker and i had a great day today! i love my friends. i am very blessed to have wonderful friends and very blessed to spend each day at work with them as well. today was an especially long work day. i did a lot of business today and then had a "customer appreciation" dinner and seminar on life insurance tonight. another agent and i teamed up and held it at bangkok alley. i'm adding a link tonight on my blog to the restaurant. i can't say enough good things about this place. i think it may be my all time favorite restaurant and the owner, thara, is the greatest man alive. he is so wonderful and just really made the event. everyone had a great time and the food was fabulous.
dalton wore his contacts today and didn't have any trouble. savannah had a gymnastics lesson and cheerleading practice tonight. they got in bed a little late tonight but considering all the hats mom had to wear today and the fact that dad's back is giving him fits, i'd say we did good. good is just today's word.
AND, i'm watching idol as i type. what a perfect ending to a good day. omg, i just heard david cook and he rocks!!!!!!!!!!! he is my favorite. he cried and so did i. how awesome was that! i'm definitely getting his tshirt this year. am i a dork or what? HA!
i'm exhausted and now the tears are freely flowing so before i get WAY too mushy here, i'm going to bed. i've got to make a quick trip upstairs to kiss my babies while they sleep and i'm climbing in bed with my izzy.
kiss your babies and don't forget to say i love you.

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