Monday, July 7, 2008

Yesterday Camp Stunk, Today it Sucks!

Yep, it's official!! I'm not gonna make it through the week. I'm not ready to part with my children and don't really think I should be at 8 and 9. I'm gonna have to search for a camp that will allow me to go as well, because I just can't handle this. Tonight, I was at the FedEx box and just sat there wondering if I waited around long enough I could camp out in the truck and they could just deliver me with Dalton's package I put together. I MISS MY BOY.
A LOT happened today, maybe even too much. First, I got to spend the day with SavyG. That in itself was enough, but there was much more in store for July 7, 2008. Some interesting things my daughter told me today, hummm, Mom, your nose looks like an ice cream cone with a ball on the end of it. Mom, you have a lot of meat on your back.... When I got in the shower she pointed and said, Jiggly. Have I ever mentioned how sweet she is and how much I love her? OK, all of that aside, we cleaned top to bottom around here today. We bought a new rug for the den and rearranged the furniture. We cleaned out the pantry. We took two large garbage bags of clothes to the cleaners and both got our hair cut. We changed our minds, in true Acree female fashion, about our vacation. We nixed the cruise and decided to head for the beach instead. (I'm supposed to be finding a condo instead of blogging right now.) We painted all of our nails, put together a care package for Dalton and endured a short power outage.
On most days, just that would have worn me out, but today, with the stress of my little boy being away from home for the first time ever, I also stepped completely out of my comfort zone on a professional level (and did you notice, I didn't "go" to work today).
An opportunity for a large expansion of the Allstate Acree Agency has layed itself in my lap. Let me back up a little. I have ONE more "small" hurdle in my career as an Allstate Agent. On August 20th, I have to take my Series 6 exam and PASS it as my final leg of this journey to fulfill my Securities Licensing requirement for my contract. By the way, that is not a small hurdle. Maybe if I were 23 and single and still used to studying it would be a medium size hurdle. Instead I am quickly approaching 35, married, mother of 2, and a small business owner. That was a condensed version. OK, so NOW, I have to pass this test AND work out all of the details of a buyout. This is an amazing opportunity, but I have to wonder about God's sense of humor in the timing of this particular twist of fate. I have no choice in this matter, if I let this opportunity pass there will not be another one and I would HATE myself for it. This doesn't happen everyday and I have pursued it. I was, however, pursuing for the first of the year. NOT October. I have read many passages and heard multiple sermons on "God time" and this afternoon after "the call" I just had to sit down and laugh....and then clean the hell out of my house. Tonight all of the questions of whether or not I can handle it are going through my mind. So much for a leisurely schedule or even a day off for quite a while. I struggle with being a mom and a business owner often. Finding a good balance is particularly difficult and then you are still a human yourself....
Thanks for listening to my brain that you are totally confused...I feel as though I've just left a therapy session.
Hug your babies (I miss mine) and share your love.

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Dawn said...

Girl, that update wore me out. You know how when someone is writing about how busy their day is and all they have done, well, I tend to read it fast and try to imagine every detail of your day. I am beat!!!!

I hope you take a daily vitamin to keep up with yourself.

You need the vacation and I hope you get a great condo that you can relax and un-wind in.

Love ya girl!