Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fulfilling Sunday

The first Acree Agency pool party was a success. We cooked 109 hot dogs, gave away two cases of H2O, two cases of coke about 40 Kool - Aids and who knows how many Popsicles. Oh, and by the way, we wrote some renters insurance today along with some auto and life insurance. We even had fun while we were doing it.
Thank you Tosha!! I know you were HOT, but you were a trooper. Sorry I beat you doing quotes today. It was your first "Event" and you've been eating my lunch in the office! Don't be shy girlfriend.

Today turned out to have a little ironic twist to it. We spent our afternoon sweating and wondering why in the world we picked the middle of July to stand outside over a hot grill and try to sell Renters Insurance. If you've ever sold insurance, you are probably thinking that wasn't very smart of me. Well, I know all of the reasons you may not want to sell renters insurance, but, after visiting the home I did later this afternoon, I know why I worked in the heat today.
One of my clients in Hernando owned a piece of property he rented out to an older couple. It burned to the ground today. It is considered a total loss. While I had the structure insured for my client, the people renting from him had no insurance on their contents. If I sold one policy today or explained the benefits of renters insurance to one person that didn't understand before, it made every drip of sweat worth it. When I walked this site this afternoon, my heart broke.
Now let me share with you what really got me about this. When you turned down this street, you could immediately smell the smoke from the fire. It was almost overwhelming. When we turned up by the house, the yard was littered with water and Gatorade bottles the firefighters had drank from while putting this fire out. No one was hurt in the fire. The gentleman that lived here was out and the lady was able to get out. The cause of the fire is still undetermined. The fire marshal's preliminary report said it appeared to have started in the kitchen.

This is what got me....
What's the first thing you notice in this picture? The American Flag is virtually untouched. You couldn't see any sign of fire or smoke damage to the flag. The other thing that I couldn't take a picture of because it just didn't seem right was what I found in the front yard. While looking in the house and even all around there was very little that was recognizable. There was an old rocking horse out back that was charred and a piece crumbled when I touched it. When I came around front, I could see a book laying in the front yard. I walked over closer and realized it was a Bible. The hard cover was black and charred and you couldn't read what it was, but it was open to Luke chapter 2 and the pages were untouched and not even water damaged. It was one of those moments where your hair stands on end and you look around wondering what is about to happen. I picked the Bible up and layed it on what used to be the front porch. I thought about it all the way home and when I got here I came running in to find my own Bible and see what the chapter was about. I had chills as I stood in my living room and read the story of the birth of Jesus. WOW.
On the way home, too, Jeff and I saw a bumper sticker that said, "Proud Parent of A Child Promoted to Heaven". WOW.
I feel like someone was trying to tell me something today. Sometimes I wish He would slap me in the head and say listen ding dong....that was a lot to try to piece together on my own....
I've had my Nyquil. I'm off to bed. I'm on the countdown to vacation. WE LEAVE FRIDAY!
Hug those babies, and share your love.

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Dawn said...

Glad you wrote some policies this weekend. Sorry one of your clients had a claim on their house. The picture with the flag gave me chills too. And as for the Bible, don't you love how God works?

BTW, I have the same bumper sticker. I don't have it on my car's on my refrigerator surrounded by three Veggie Tale magnets. (Shae loved Veggie Tales.) Anyway, I love that sticker.

Have a great week. I love you girl!