Sunday, July 6, 2008


My baby boy went to camp and it is not a good thing. I got sick at my stomach before we even got there and then again after we left. Now I just can't stop crying. We've got some friends over swimming and I'm an idiot crying and am about to dive into my normal psycho routine of cleaning house and rearranging furniture in times of high stress. I knew this would happen so I haven't cleaned anything all weekend.
Let me get it over with and post the pictures of Dalton going to camp...

That is Dalton's best buddy Jacob. I don't think he would have cared if he had a friend there or not. This kid was walking on air today.

I hope I wasn't the only tacky one to notice that he was living in the "Butt" cabin for the week. I am certain that Friday morning can't get here soon enough. My voice shakes when I talk and I have what my Grandmother calls a "Nervous Nelly" rash.

Ok, time to start moving furniture. I'm either going to take a Xanax or this house is gonna be spectacular by the end of the week. Can you imagine when he gets married? Hopefully they will have really good drugs by then or I will learn some amazing coping mechanisms! : )

Hug your babies (if they are home) and share your love.



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