Monday, July 28, 2008


I don't even like Birthdays, especially not this particular one. There is something not so great about a "milestone" birthday. BUT, I have had a birthday party now for THREE days in a row. We spent Saturday touring the USS Alabama which much to my surprise was fun and interesting. I have so many pictures it's not funny but the internet here is fickle and I'm scared to try and post pics this morning and lose my connection.....funny, I just did. Friday night, we ate at an execellent place on the Mobile Bay called Felix's. That started my Oyster kick. The only thing I've eaten since then is Oysters cooked in some different fashion. I'm totally grossing everyone around me out, but I love them. Anyway, Satruday night we finally hit our destination!!! We are in a little house in Rosemary Beach about 200 yards from the beach. I love it and just want to move here. We had dinner Saturday night after a quick trip to the beach and rolling around in some waves. We ate at Bayou Bill's. The food and service were both really good. Jeff had the waitstaff come and sing Happy Birthday to me much to my surprise. I had a hot flash (I guess that's what happens at my age). HOW EMABARRASING!
Sunday, THE DAY, I got up and everyone was in the den waiting for me. There was a huge brown box with a birthday card on it.....What could it be? I really didn't know. I thought vacation was my birthday present and little trip to the outlet mall. SO, I dug in.....YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT.
I got the Canon Rebel xTi with 5 different lenses a HUGE memory card a couple of tripods a remote control for the camera, two cases, extra batteries with the regualar chargers and car chargers and books and DVD's to teach me how to work it all. If only it had come with an expert to SHOW me how to use all of this, it would have been perfect. I'm just kidding, it IS perfect. Now I just have some more studying to do. I couldn't use it yesterday, because the battery had to charge all day but it is ready to go this a.m.
We stayed at the beach all day yesterday and all got just a little red. Not bad, but I think we are going to shop today and not hit the beach until late. It was amazing to spend my birthday at my favorite place on earth on a beautiful sunny day. I did try to swim out to a sand bar and the jellyfish would not hear of it. One wrapped its nasty little self around my right leg and ankle. OUCH. Oh well, the party must go on. I buried Savannah in the sand and she buried me. Dalton found two sand dollars. FUN FUN FUN. Then we went to eat at Hammerhead Freds, Another really cool spot, more oysters and more singing. HA (No hot flashes this time, I just embraced the moment) When we left, an intoxicated tourist decided he didn't like the fact that my family walked out in front of him in the parking lot, so he hit me with his car. While I was still in shock and trying to say, " He hit Me" Jeff was pulling him through his open car window with a hand down his throat. People came running from everywhere. All I can say is thank goodness for security and that they believed in an eye for an eye. They let Jeff go. Next time, I'll take my purse. I was sitting there thinking....I just got hit by a car, my husbands going to jail, I don't know where we are and I don't have a phone or my purse with me. Anyway, all is good, my hand and my hip are a little sore today: )
This morning I woke up to a 3 and 5 candle sticking up out of a cupcake in a paper bowl about to catch on fire with everyone singing happy birthday again. WOW. That's alot of birthdays.
Gotta run. Work is calling and the kids are about to climb the walls.
I'll work on the picture thing. We have lots.


Jessi said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I wanna come play with your new birthday present!!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation and watch out for passing motorists!

Dawn said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday and vacation with the exception of getting hit by a car. God love your heart!

We are looking forward to some great pictures.