Saturday, July 19, 2008


I have the dreaded summer cold! YUCK. Wednesday at work, by late afternoon, I had a terrible headache. I thought it was because I was on the computer so much all day and I knew it was time to get my eyes checked. It didn't get any better and Thursday I woke up with what I thought was a migraine. My head hurt so bad I got sick twice. I went ahead and made an eye doctor appointment for Friday a.m. and suffered through the day with the help of a little Excedrin Migraine. Friday a.m., I woke up and could move NO AIR through my nose. So, I'm on my second night of NyQuil. That is some really amazing stuff.

Sorry no pictures tonight. I'll have some tomorrow. The Allstate Acree Agency is sponsoring a pool party at the Vineyard Apartments tomorrow in Olive Branch. Having a cold and pool party don't sound like tons of fun, but the show must go on. I'm gonna try to go to the doc Monday and get one of those miracle sinus cocktail shots. I'm looking too forward to vacation to be sick now.

We had dinner tonight at the Seafood Junction. HA. It's an all you can eat FRIED buffet in Byhalia. I think there were more mullets in there than there were teeth. It was good at the time but my tummy is talking now.

Hope you all have a happy weekend. I'm taking my NyQuil self to bed. Goodnight.

Hug your babies tight, be thankful for everyday and share your love.


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Jessi said...

The entire time I was reading your blog I read it in a "stuffy nose voice", lol.

I hope you're feeling better!