Friday, July 4, 2008



I am now over a week behind. I guess it's time to get over myself and catch up. Let me just go ahead and admit why I AM SO BEHIND. Have you ever been so overwhelmed by something that you just didn't even know how to describe it? THAT'S WHY. Have you ever been at a total loss for words? THAT'S WHY. That one is a rarity for me.

Let me back up and this one may be long....

We headed out of town last Friday for West Monroe, LA about 2:00 (actually it was probably closer to 3 when we finally got on the road). About 7:30 we hit our destination and met Dawn and her new husband Matt and her son Riley at a little restaurant for dinner. They were our excellent hosts for the weekend. We certainly can't say "Thank You" enough for their kindness and hospitality. We took over Matt's daughter Mattie's room for the weekend.

Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast at IHOP and headed out for "Jake's Jamboree". It was just an awesome fun day. There were moon bounces and face painting and hair painting and a place to make cards to send to St. Jude and a blood drive and a place to register for the National Bone Marrow Registry and a live televised telethon and a silent auction....and there was still work being done for that night. Words don't do it justice. I saw everyone I have missed so badly. First we saw JinJin and then Staci and then Don grabbed us and put us to work. I had about 40 minutes until I needed to be ready for the telethon. We got my T-Shirt, which is now my absolute favorite in the world...and found Mo and took some pictures while the kids played.

These awesome banners were hanging from the ceiling all over the civic center and the tables were decorated with all of Jake's favorite things. Every little detail was present in some way. Jake's "signature" was everywhere, even on the banners.

See, that one give's me chills and puts me at a loss for words again. I've always had trouble explaining the connection with Jake and his family. I practically met them online and just showed up and forced myself into their lives and it was probably the most amazing thing I ever did. Hunter is now taller than me and Heyden is right there with him. They are precious and so kind. They actually remembered us and were sweet enough to let me hug on them. I guess I just need to let my pictures tell the story.

These were some of the table settings in the background when I sat down to start working the telethon. That's Dawn. Staci and Jin and Uncle Todd and several of us were up there. The local coaches took over the second shift and if I'm not mistaken we raised just over $12,000 in two hours!! After our shift we headed outside to give blood and the kids were all over the blood mobile.

We ALL had on our green and check out the back of the shirts.....SHAKE & BAKE. HA.
Later that night, things really got awesome band, "Fly by Radio" entertained after the food and YES a live auction. I don't have all of the figures of what the whole night raised, but I will pass that on as soon as I find it. I will leave with some incredible pictures that show an awesome event put on by a very loving family keeping the legacy of their baby boy alive with faith, hope and amazing strength to continue to BELIEVE. I hate cancer! I miss Jake! and I love the Raborns! (and all of the family that includes)

Visit my favorite blogs and get their take on the whole night too. I knew I couldn't do it justice and PLEASE visit Jake's foundation site. Look to the right and click on his cute picture.

Have a great 4th. Hug those babies super tight and I'll be back later with the rest of our trip.

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Jessi said...

I love to see everyone's pictures from last weekend! I'm already looking forward to next year!