Sunday, July 13, 2008


Ok,'s 10:45 I'm tired and I have to get to bed soon because management will be at my office tomorrow. is a quick update on the weekend...
Friday, after work I headed for Headz Up (I think thats right). It is an ethnic beauty and barber shop in Memphis. I got the crazy idea Thursday afternoon that I needed hair extensions. After calling all around and having NO luck, I called a wonderful friend, Tiffany, and asked her advice. She sent me to Tiffany at this salon. After 8 hours, a lot of pulling and sewing (yep, I said sewing) on my head, I HAD HAIR. I got home at 1:30 Saturday a.m. This is so much fun though.

For those of you that have known me a long time...I'm sure this doesn't shock you at all. For the rest of you, while I've never done this, hair changes are my way of dealing with stress. The problem is, a couple of years ago I got major stressed and cut all my hair OFF. I've been trying to grow it back ever since but I can't get past the brown hair helmet stage. I get a short bob going and then cut it all off again because I look like I'm wearing a brown hair helmet. SO, we are going to try it this way for a little bit. Go ahead laugh, I am. Mom says I look Chinese now because it is so tight. HA! She came in tonight and asked me if I had gotten Botox or something. Humm...must be a good thing. I got hair and a face lift. I'm feeling better about that birthday thats knocking loudly on the door now. AND, I won't even attempt to tell you everything I learned at The Barber Shop: ) We have a lot of catching up to do.

Alright that's it for tonight. We went to the lake this weekend. I've got a few pics. I'll elaborate later. Also, Dalton won the best camper award!! I've got more pictures. We'll play catch up tomorrow night. I've got to be at work early tomorrow!
Hug your babies and share your's so important. I'm realizing that more and more everyday.
P.S. The beach countdown has begun!!

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Tiffany said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!! as the song says -- YOU wear it well...