Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer Has Begun

Today was a fantastic day and it has really started to feel like summer.  Dalton's graduation pictures are out in the truck.  I'm too tired to go get them tonight.  I gave my blog a little makeover.

Dalton started camp today.  He goes for the next two weeks.  It's a drama camp and at the end they will do a performance of School House Rock!!!  He tried out for the part of Joe who sings Conjunction Junction!!  That was always one of my favorites from back in the day.  I can't believe he got on stage and tried out.  We won't know until Tuesday if he got the part.  He said a girl tried out also that has been to these camps and in several plays and so he was a little worried she may get that part.  We'll see???  The people were so nice and he had a BLAST.  He's been talking about it ALL day and singing those crazy songs.  I think there are 11 of them.  I'm so proud of him AND he got his report card in the mail yesterday and had ALL A's for the YEAR.  He's such a good kid.

I went shopping all by myself while he was at camp and Savannah went to work with her Daddy.  That is the first time I have spent 4 hours alone in a LONG time.  Since we are going to the beach in a few weeks, I tackled the horrid task of finding a bathing suit.  What a treat!!!  After fighting all of my rolls, sitting in the dressing room crying with sweat dripping off the tip of my nose, I settled for a fabulous overpriced red one piece get up that I look CRAZY SEXY in ;)  I HATE BATHING SUITS!!  Hummmm, I wonder if Spanx makes one?  If they did, they would be trillionaires!  The last time I put a pair of Spanx on, I decided it wasn't worth it.  I was sweating from all of the hard work of getting my "extraness" into them.  I had to lay down to reach far enough around to get them pulled up and I'm pretty sure the whole experience gave me bruises.  All they did was push everything up anyway and give me an even worse "muffin top" than normal.  SHEEESH!!!!  I've lost about 15 pounds (THANK YOU LORD) but since I still have that much more to go, it seems like it will never day at a time.

This afternoon we all went and bought flowers for the flower beds.  That is one of my favorite things and we are finally getting to it.  Well, sort of anyway.  Jeff said I could put flowers in, but no shrubs yet.  We still have to have the house painted and the shrubs would be in the way.  I can wait for shrubs to get my house painted, NO PROBLEM.  When we got home it was sprinkling a little so I didn't want to start digging everything up to get rained out.  Instead, I played outside with the kids.  We traveled up and down our street and all around on the golf cart.  Savannah was my driver and she's not a very good one.  She said she is already scared that when she turns 16 (she's 10) and has to take her drivers test, she may have to pass gas when the instructor is in the car with her.  I told her to stop being silly and she said, "Mom, this is one of my true concerns."  Feel free to pray for the child.  Then, somehow, we ended up on the trampoline.  I had NO business getting up there, but I did and I showed Savannah up.  She can't flip on there and I did it several times.  I also did 10 toe touches in a row and she couldn't make it past 4.  She would bust out laughing every time.  Dalton could do it all.  We had a good time. 

We watched two movies tonight...Leap Year and The Lovely Bones.  Leap Year was good, a romantic comedy.  The Lovely Bones was a little scary but right up Savannah's alley.  An end to a good day.  We are going back to visit the church we went to last weekend only tomorrow it is an outdoor service in the park.  I hope the kids like it better tomorrow than they did last time. 

Have a BLESSED Sunday and Happy Memorial Day!


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Renee said...

What a fun day to begin summer! I'd suck at the trampoline I'm pretty sure. Make sure to take before and after pics of the house when it's painted. Can't wait to see.