Monday, May 3, 2010


Well, I'm working from Dalton's computer tonight....this is a test mission to see if I can "manipulate" pictures from his computer. IF so, I'm going to go on a full blown protest with Jeffrey Michael to get my computer fixed. He bought me a back up drive for all of my pictures. I still can't move pictures around in blogger from my laptop OR check my email. That's really weird, but it's true!! I unloaded my Talladega pictures I guess that is the topic.

I'm worn out tonight!! I went to the gym this morning. Scary thought, I know. I'm actually a little disappointed. I'm using Calorie Counter on my phone and keeping up with everything I eat and my exercise. Today (even after working out for an hour) I only ended up with a 1200 calorie deficit for the that rate, from what I read, it will take me 3 days to lose 1 pound. Why can't losing weight be as easy as gaining it???

Still having trouble moving pictures around??? WHAT IS THE DEAL?? Anybody else have trouble?? First, we all posed for "kissy face" pictures!! I hate "kissy face" pictures....

HUMM, I may have just figured out my picture issue with a change to some "NEW EDITING" thing...This could be good.  Sorry, no makeup to's a sunscreen day!
First of all, I think I mentioned that we got to actually meet Denny Hamlin.  He is Jeffro's favorite driver so it was a real treat for him.  I enjoyed it too, don't get me wrong, BUT it wasn't Carl Edwards.
They were very kind at the tent and fed us and gave us all kinds of goodies.  FedEx is sending us the pictures they took of us with Denny.  For some reason, we took those with our phones and I'm not savvy enough to get those on the blog.  Check out the flower arrangements on the table.  This was a great time and a real treat for all of us.  We were eating Hot Wings at 8 a.m.  GOOD TIMES!
And then we entered the pits and the massive crowds of people.  I took a TON of pictures but I will highlight a few of my favorites (and Jeff's, too).  I think you all know from past races, my favorite thing is to people watch!!
She went for the "layered" look.
These were the BIGGEST shoes we saw all day long.
...lots of kids this year!!  I've never noticed kids there before and quite frankly don't think it's a good place for them.
OH YEAH, we were at Talladega!  You never know what you might find...
Those were DUDES...I had to do a double take.  We found this pair walking around in the pits.
These made me laugh out loud and if you look closely, THAT IS A MAN!
This was one of Jeff's picks for the day!

And I saved the best for last...This is artistry in it's purest form...


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Anonymous said...

LOVE all of the pictures!!!! Bradley had a great time with y'all!! And I love y'alls kissy face pictures......You prolly hate my pictures bc I do this alot! look great!