Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Everyone was feeling all bright eyed and bushy tailed for 5:30 in the morning.  EXCEPT ME.

There is my sweet boy holding his mama's GIANT cup of coffee.  I think I needed an IV.  After all of that coffee, I was ready to roll and chill out with the fifth grade class of Pleasant Hill Elementary!

I had never been to the Space Center before and certainly not with 200 ten and eleven year olds!!  What a treat!  I had a great time and truly felt honored that my boy WANTED me to go with him.  I do realize these days won't last forever.  (We just won't go there tonight.)


We were the Kelly Green class.  I have to admit, color coding the kids made my life much easier.  I was only responsible for Dalton and two other kids in the class.  I ended up with two very easy children and everyone got along very well and had similar interests, so it was actually a very laid back day.

Meet Ratchet...our fearless leader for the day...and YES, that is her real name (I asked).  She was great and I really liked the fact that we met her upon arrival and she was with us the ENTIRE day.

The kids made and launched parachutes...pretty cool.  If you haven't been to the Space Center I would definitely recommend that you make the trip. (Maybe not all in one day, like we did, but you need to get there.  It was a great day.)

This was my MOST favorite part of all of the cool things we saw....

The ACTUAL craft that the first "monkey-nauts" went to space in!

Dalton, I love you so much and am so proud of you.  I can't believe you are heading off to middle school.  Please don't ever forget how much your mama loves you and how special you are to me.  I enjoyed every minute we got to spend on this last elementary school field trip.


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