Monday, May 31, 2010

Holiday Weekend

Happy Holiday Everyone!

We decided this morning to spend the day around here today and it was a good thing.  Dalton needed some new shorts, so I wanted to go get that out of the way.  About the time I got to the store, the bottom fell out.  It has rained on and off all day.  It's been beautiful in between but then it starts up again.  We didn't have quite the wonderful day outside that we have been having, but a good day still.  I at least got some much needed cleaning done.  This place is torn completely apart!!  My laundry closet is being changed into a pantry and I'm giving up space in my craft room for a new laundry room and closet!!  Have I mentioned that Jeff and I are "sharing" a closet?  Yeah, THAT ain't working!  I will gladly give up some craft room for some closet and some laundry room.  Anyway, that means the back three rooms of my house are a WRECK.  All of the contents of the pantry are on my kitchen kitchen still hasn't been painted and Jeff cut a giant hole in the wall of our house to vent the dryer out of my craft room that has never been a craft room because it still has boxes from when we moved in it.  YEP, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and I'm going on vacation in three weeks and in case you don't remember, I get a little freaky about my house when I'm leaving.  That means we have three weeks to get this mess finished.  OH, and I planted flowers in my flower beds this weekend that have no bushes because the house has to be painted.  M-E-S-S!!!!!

I intended to talk about Dalton's graduation tonight, but since this post took a turn toward the dumps, we'll talk about that tomorrow night.  I'm holding the fort down at work alone this week.  PRAY.  and I almost forgot, this is Dalton's first full week of camp and soccer tryouts are this week.  BETTER PRAY HARD.


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