Saturday, August 30, 2008


OH MY! I'm laying in bed Saturday morning and thinking about the fun things I'm ready to do today. I'm finally feeling like things are getting back to normal. I have taken control of my house and it is really starting to look and even feel like we actually live here. I'll get some pictures today. Emily moved in Thursday and is still unpacking and trying to get things in order. She has all weekend to try to get settled. She is going to prove to be a blessing. She has moved in and is going to be my helper. She'll be working for me some at Allstate over the next couple of months and filling in while my main gal, Tosha, is away at Allstate School and filling in anywhere I need help. Thanks for the gentle nudge, MO. I bit the bullet and swallowed it hard. It's really difficult to admit that sometimes you just can't do everything. Somehow, I've managed to keep up until now but I realized that I was missing out on enjoying any of it. I have been in such a hurry that I couldn't see the little moments that happen. A TON has been accomplished in the last 30 days....I had total turnover at work....I got my Securities license....Soccer started for Savannah...Football started for Dalton...Football ended for Dalton with a broken foot...A lot of travel...Tosha got, alot of major milestones.
ANYWAY, today, I'm looking forward to enjoying the small things with friends and family. I'll have pics later. We are still getting Emily moved in and used to things. THE KIDS ARE CRAZY ABOUT HER. Of course, she's 22 and beautiful. I don't blame them. Enjoy the long weekend. I know I will.
Hug your babies and share your love.

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