Monday, August 18, 2008


Hello, Hello from the the great town of Nashville. I'm staying at an interesting place. I was last here in March of this year and as I have for the last few years, I stayed at my local Hampton Inn. WELL, as luck would have it, Baymont Inn bought out my favorite Hampton. Having never stayed at a Baymont, I thought not much could have changed from March and booked my stay. WELL, it's changed. I'm okay with the bed, thank goodness. Here is a shot of my home for the week.
Ok, looks alright...HA. Check out the sofa....I'm not getting close to it. Don't worry.

I wonder what that is....I'm just glad I brought my Crocs and that I don't have a black light.

Dalton entertained me today and let me take cupcakes for his class today at lunch. Even though tomorrow is his birthday, he knew I was having a hard time leaving so he agreed to indulge me. Remember right now he is only 9. Look at these pictures and see how old you think he looks.

Is he too cute or what? I'm am one proud mama!

Look at this little face...This is SO SAVANNAH.

Well, Blogger is giving me a hard time tonight and I need to get on the ball for the rest of the week.

Thanks Dawn for the encouraging words. I've calmed down and I'm here to do what I've got to do. This too shall pass and hopefully I can do it with a little bit of grace. (I'm gonna try to keep my head from spinning around anymore.)

Hug your babies. I miss mine. How can they drive you so crazy sometimes and when you haven't seen them in 5 hours you miss them like crazy?



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melanie, aka Mo said...

When you have those breakdowns, holla! 318 376 7676. Don't forget... I am probably one of the only chicks you know who has a big ol' company to run, a big ol' house to keep, and (now) a growing family too! Maybe I can help you find persepective on those days.

Running a business is hard. It is worth it, though! I will tell you that the WAY I run mine is 180 degrees different than before Jake got sick. It just ain't worth the schizoembolism!!

And personal assistant....YES! You will be more productive, therefore easily make the money to cover her salary.