Friday, August 22, 2008


No time to blog...need to be studying but instead I cleaned out my children's rooms today and now I need help. (Sorry no blogs this week...still recovering from my "schizoembolism" and been out of town.)
OK, back to the matter at hand.
I found Savannah's first pair and her second pair of ballerina slippers today in her room and her first tutu. I had saved all of that stuff along with all of her monogrammed burp cloths:). Anyway, I was walking around holding those slippers in my hand with tears running down my face like a fool when I realized that I should be able to "display" them in some way. NOW, I need help. I lack the creativity that so many of you have. These would be precious in her room some way some how and I would love any ideas you have. I have pictures of her first recital where she is wearing these things. By the way, she had just turned 3 at the time....she'll be 9 in about two weeks and can wear my clothes.
Tomorrow is my test AND HeavyD's birthday party. His foot is a mess, I haven't EVEN shared that yet, but I'll try to catch up Sunday.
Give me some ideas on the slippers please!!!! I have your phone numbers, don't make me use them.
Hug your babies, their slippers won't fit for long.


Tivagar Polanippan said...

Tiffany said...

maybe you could have them bronzed or framed along w/picture (you have already) and the tutu!!!!