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Monday, August 04, 2008
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Posted by Brett at
20:14 PDT
AHHH, the answer to my problem...
I'm cheating here. I'm at work still and starting on my blog for tonight. I have been a mad woman all day trying to get things finished up and straightened out from last week. I'm at least close enough to take a breath for a minute.

I couldn't believe all of the blog lurkers that responded to me through my email and not my blog today. You guys crack me up. I do this as a way of journaling and I and I get the therapeutic effects of it because I think in my mind that occasionally someone might get really bored and read it or might just think my kids are cute and look at it...so sometimes I vent this way, but to think that I was missed! I never imagined.
I'll be back in a bit. I've got to get out of here now. (The phone rang 4 times while I typed that paragraph and now it's time to go BECAUSE it's open house at school and my kids are SO EXCITED.) I'll be back, hopefully with pictures.
I'M BACK!!!!!!! Open house was a blast. The kids can't wait until Thursday. They both got great teachers and great kids in their classes and are just too excited to be starting school. I don't remember being that excited. OH, and Heavy D will be playing for the Titans this year. Go BIG D! He got drafted by the team he wanted. The happiness in his big brown eyes tonight was enough to last a lifetime. I wish I could bottle that look and sell it. We would all be millionaires.
Alright, here we go with the picture thing...

Check out the tongue in that one!

Look, my sunflowers started blooming while we were gone.

We had a bit of a bout with the Jellyfish. We had a great time anyway, they just kept us on our toes.

That's my soccer player starring in her first Gatorade commercial.

Ok, let me try to get back to the beach...

Dalton and I rode this ride called the Cyclone. It went 140 feet in the air and went 50 mph.

I love love love my new camera. That's it for tonight. I've got to hit the hay! It's after 11. I'll try to keep up the next few days. I'm on a study schedule and the kids are both in full soccer and football practice and school starts Thursday. Be patient with me and let me know if you have any ideas on how to create extra hours during the day. I've tried that work smarter mess. It really worked. HA.

Hug those babies, never forget the passion in a child's eyes and share your love.

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