Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I'm so far behind now, I'm just going to call it a complete do over. There is no way to get caught up at this point. The kids started school and with that came soccer practice 3 nights a week and football practice 4 nights with games on Saturdays. I had some sort of evil stomach bug in the mix and this darn test coming up......and I'll just stop there because my breathing was starting to change. HA!
Let me go ahead and admit that I'M NOT STUDYING. That's not good, but it felt better to get it off my chest. I'm waiting for that moment of panic to set in and I'll start. I am scheduled to take the test on August 23 at 12:30 p.m. at the University of Memphis. I'll be in Nashville next week in a study class. I'm really bothered by all of this. Dalton turns 10 on Tuesday and I'll be out of town. Career wise, I have no choice. Mom wise, this is killing me. I specifically remember my tenth birthday. My best friend at the time, B.J., told me as we were walking to her house that I had finally hit double digits. I didn't get it at first, but now I'll never forget that moment....We are going to have a party for Dalton which wasn't on his birthday anyway but as a mom not being there on your child's birthday really stinks. (That's putting it mildly.)
OK, on to bigger and better things. Dalton had his FIRST FOOTBALL PRACTICE EVER. He is the biggest boy on the team and therefore must play on the line. He is too big, according to league rules, to carry the ball. He's playing center in practice right now and seems to be doing really well. Jeff is in meetings at work all this week and so I had to take him to get fitted for a helmet. This has been a big dilemma on what kind. We had to see his neurologist for clearance to play because of his "childhood" injury. He has to wear a certain type of helmet and the guy at the sporting goods store kept trying to tell me he didn't need it. I finally said, would you PLEASE sell me the more expensive helmet. I'm pretty sure my doctor at Semmes-Murphy knows a little more than a sporting goods salesperson. I really had to break it down for him. Then he got a little nasty with me, so I took my $200 to someone else that was happy to take it.

Well, that's what I walked up to. Here is our first look at the team. Dalton didn't know anyone on the team and we don't either for that matter. For a small town, that's a little odd. Many of these guys are return players. That's why they already have Titan Gear on.

Dalton may be picking his nose in that one. We'll just consider that a little male bonding.
This is Coach Sam. He's the Head Coach. There were a couple of others, but I didn't get all of their names. I'll work on that.
He was easily identifiable.
That would have been a really good sequence if I had gotten the catch.
This was our first look at the line.
This was a tired group of boys after the first practice.
I'm totally hooked on the Olympics, too. I'm sleep deprived because I can't turn the TV off until 11 every night. I love it. I'm a bit of a sports freak.....then the race Sunday. We won't even go there. I'll just be nice and say I haven't enjoyed the road races this year.
I'm off to make grilled cheese sandwiches for Savannah and myself. Yep, dinner of champs. We already know.
Thanks for enduring my boys first football practice. I'm trying to keep up.
Hug your babies super tight, share your love and always keep your friends close by.

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Dawn said...

Hey girl. Hope you have a wonderful week. Let us know how you did on the test.