Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hi from Atlanta

Well, the blog is officially under construction.  I found a new background I liked, but I'm too tired to figure out the new banner.  I just don't have the energy to watch a You Tube video tonight, but I'm getting there. 
We are in Atlanta this weekend for a soccer tournament.  We arrived last night about 11:15 and have been up since 5...BOOOOO!!!  We get to sleep in tomorrow until the late time of 7:30, GEES.
OK, I'm going to give blogging another honest effort.  I took some flack over my blog awhile back.  It kind of just made me angry to be honest.  This is MY blog and I don't require anyone to read it.  I didn't appreciate being told that my content was inappropriate at times.  Unfortunately, it's just my life.  I don't make this mess up.  I guess my life is inappropriate at times or at least that was how I took the criticism.  If everyone were honest with themselves, I'm pretty sure their lives would be "inappropriate" at times, too.  I just choose to share my life and all of the crazy things that go along with it.  Writing about the weather just isn't something I'm interested in writing about or reading about.  I also choose to tell the truth and not create a fantasy world as my online persona.  What you read here is what you get.  Come on over and see for yourself, or just ask my best friends.  They will tell you, every bit of this is true.  My days aren't always good and I don't choose to cover it up.  You get the good, the bad and the ugly on here.  So after months of missing my blog and several requests to bring it back, here I am.  I found for awhile that Facebook was easier, but to be honest, I'm becoming more and more put off by FB.  I actually just "defriended" about 300 people and may remove more.  No fear, the people I got rid of weren't really friends anyway.  They were more like colleagues and since I sold my agency, YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY, I don't see the need to be "friends" with every real estate agent and banker in Desoto County anymore.  No offense to anyone, but your listings were taking up a lot of my news feed.
I am two weeks into nursing school and I'm fairly certain that will provide us with PLENTY of blog material.  I learned this week that I am good with putting on a gown, but I flunked taking it off.  Jeff said that sounded about right....we won't even go there.  NICE.  Who flunks taking their gown off???  That would be me. I have to repeat that skill.   I truly hope you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.
Thanks for the encouragement to write again.  I needed it and am looking forward to chronicling my nursing school journey and the life of a stay at home mom.  Have I mentioned my kids are teenagers and have been invaded by evil two headed monsters?  They stink too.  Lord help me!


Dawn said...

Welcome back my friend! I'm so excited for you! You will be an awesome nurse. Be careful traveling.

Pam Briscoe said...

So glad you are back and I cant wait to read your blogs about nursing school.:) You are doing a great job and dont be so hard on yourself! This is all new to you and takes time. You are motivated and that is important! Keep up the hard work and you will suceed.