Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lessons Learned

This week, I learned that I am but a mortal woman....
I had every intention of blogging this week, BUT then I woke up and real life set in and there simply are NOT enough hours in the day.  Especially, when you are in Nursing School :)
But, I'll take a stab at recapping (it's been ALWAYS).

Oh Yeah!!
When the kids hit the ripe ole age of 12 and 13 I thought it might be OK for them to ride the school bus. 
THOUGHT is the key word.

They thought I was a flaming idiot for sitting on the front porch waiting on them and even crazier for taking their pictures.  Turns out, I'm really glad I took them.  They serve a dual purpose.  Any time I can multi-task these days, it's a good thing.  This was their first and LAST bus ride EVER.

With my schedule being a "little" hectic these days, I thought the bus option may relieve a little stress on the days I really need to stay at school and study or practice a skill.  We kind of live in the middle of nowhere.  I tried looking up our address on the county website to find out what bus they would need to get on after school and where it would drop them off.  It couldn't find me, so I called the county office.  The lady was so nice and told me what bus it would be and that my house would be the FIRST stop.  They just had to get on the bus and it would drive STRAIGHT to our driveway.  So, Monday, we did a dry run.  I knew I would be home when they got off the bus and that way if there were any issues, I could just come get them.  Unfortunately, the nice lady didn't tell me that only 5 (two of which were mine) kids from the middle school rode that bus.  It makes a stop at the High School and fills up before it makes that first stop at my house.  NO THANK YOU.  I learned all about sex on the bus, saw my first condom on the bus and got into my first fist fight on the bus in this very county.....and that was with kids my own age.  My children will continue to be car riders even if that means I have to break my neck to get there, thank you very much.

So, we move on to Tuesday....
It was Blue's Birthday!!  We had a full night of soccer.  Dalton had practice and she had a game and by the time all of that was over, we only had enough energy for McDonald's.  BUT, she did get tickets for the Taylor Swift concert in October and she was OVER THE MOON.

Wednesday got a little hairy.
I was at school (far from my children) and I got this....
Along with text messages of "I ripped my fingernail off", "I'm crying" (my kiddo doesn't cry), "I don't know what to do", "It hurts so bad"....  Please remember I am at school and for the first time in her life, I can't come to her, I can't leave school.  So, she's crying, I'm crying and I'm calling Jeff.  He has to leave work, drive 19 miles to her school to look at her broken fingernail....Good times.  It's a good thing he loves us both.  Jeff, thank you for filling in the gaps I'm leaving lately.
It's her bird.  Later that night, as I was wrapping it up (you know it hurt/hurts) she said, "Mom, I've broken my foot during warm ups and played the whole game on it, but this fingernail defeated me."  I was still laughing about that today.

That brings us to today.  Today, we had catheter check offs at school.  Unfortunately, that is worthy of it's own post.  I passed, but I did something my instructor said had NEVER happened before.  It's getting late and I have to go pack.  I am leaving early in the morning for a little MoZart Retreat in Louisiana and my Blue is going with me even with her broken bird.  Mo, thank you for letting my girl come, she has been dying to ever since you announced this.  I'm going to turn off my brain for a few days and see if any of my creative juices can still flow.

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Missy said...

Okay so I obviously live under a rock...or have too many kids bcuz I had no idea u were in Nursing School. I saw posts re tests and thought hmmm wonder what she's up to. Holy shit woman u have gone and changed it all haven't ya.. Saw u went to Mo's. I was so damn jealous! Other than that how's life?....??