Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Back to school today after a long weekend.  Things are finally starting to feel real.  I didn't have to report to Allstate immediately after class today.  Even though I haven't worked for several weeks, I still had to get moved out of my space.  I was there for 5 years and I accumulated a lot of mess during that time and a lot of pictures.  Moving out was a chore.  I think Allstate can now officially be considered a thing of the past for me.  It feels really strange.
What do you guys do with pictures that you have framed?  Most people that know me very well, know that I am a HUGE Hal Jaffe fan.  My kids even modeled for him and are still in his some of his ads.  Anyway, I have thousands of dollars of photos from over the years and not enough space to display them.  How do you store things like this?  I have to do something.  I'm terrified they are going to get messed up.  When I start showing you pictures from around my house, you will see I'm not kidding.  I literally have no more wall space to display these things.  That's it.  It's time to build a new house....  It really is, but that won't happen until I get out of school (but that doesn't stop me from looking at floor plans).
My first test in Nursing is tomorrow.  I'M A NERVOUS WRECK.  To make matters worse, I opted to stay home and study tonight.  Only one problem, I left my books in the truck and asked Jeff to take it to soccer practice and fill it up with gas for me :(  UGHHH.  Looks like it's going to be a long night for Kacy.
I'm used to a blog full of pictures.  I can't take pictures at school.  I actually signed something to that affect today saying I wouldn't take any.  Most would be pretty gross even if I could.  Today I learned how to insert and remove NG tubes and had the honor of learning proper administration of a cleansing enema.  I'm going to pass on the insertion of soapy water in my rear-end for any reason, but I guess I can add that to the repertoire of skills I am learning.  S-C-A-R-Y.  Ewww, maybe I could threaten the kids with something like that too, LOL.
We are about to crank up some major house renovations.  That should provide us with plenty of photo ops.  My house still looks like it did two years ago when we bought it, with the exception of FINALLY getting the kitchen in.  Oh, and the roof blew off back in March and Jeff hasn't found the time to get it fixed.  Nope, in six months, he has not had a spare moment to get the roof put on this house.  I picked out the new roof in April but he was too busy when we were there that day to order the material.  I'm gonna go out on a limb too and guess he's done no less than 25 roofs for other people during that time.  Keep in mind, he doesn't step foot on an actual roof.  He has a crew that does it.  In order to secure that crew for the day, the phone call would take just less than two minutes (I've listened in on many of those phone calls).  But he has been so busy he just can't get ours scheduled.  I'll go ahead and let you know that the roof I want is a special order (of course) and takes 2 to 6 weeks to come in once it is ordered (and mine isn't ordered yet).  He did, however, find the time to build a huge storage building out back.  You know how it is, who really needs a roof anyway??  I'm wondering if it will be finished by January???
Let me get this first test behind me and I'll get some BEFORE pictures posted.  Have a great night, I'll be up late and I'll let you know how the test goes tomorrow (unless I fail).

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