Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Day on the Farm

What do "NORMAL" people do when they get overloaded and start to feel a little overwhelmed?  I'm feeling a tad bit that way at this particular moment, so I decided to blog about some more of the insanity that goes on at my farm (I don't really have a farm...more like a "funny farm").  That is Jeff scaring the poo out of me outside of my bedroom window a couple of nights ago.  He WAS being too cheap to turn the air conditioner on and made us open windows.  It was nice that one night, but when I saw 80+ degree temps all week, I got the air turned on :)
Tony also enjoyed his easy access to the outside.  He went in and out quite a bit this particular night.  NO SCREEN...thus an unhappy ending to the night when a moth attacked me.  I don't do flying bugs...crawling ones (most of them, unless they have hair) I can handle, but things with wings go in the same category as clowns and carnies and gnomes...I CAN'T HANDLE THEM.  I think Jeff measured for screens, but either way, the window got closed.  My heart really couldn't take anymore.
I have finally decided to conquer my fear of public speaking.  It could be what made me quit school the first time......just I am doing it in WEDNESDAY.  AS IN WEDNESDAY I HAVE TO STAND IN FRONT OF MY CLASS AND WORDS HAVE TO COME OUT OF MY MOUTH FOR A GRADE.....see why I'm blogging.  I can't face it.  I even shaved my legs tonight.  I'll do anything to keep from writing a speech.  Trust me shaving my legs is like the WORST thing to ask me to do.  You long time readers may remember the time Jeff and I had a contest to see who could go the longest without shaving and I WON!!  I used to at least shave every two weeks before I went to get my pedicure...I didn't figure the girls wanted to massage my hairy legs.  Then I got to know them and now I don't have to worry about that anymore.  I tell myself that ladies in the chairs next to me are staring because they are jealous.  They only WISH they could grow hair that thick on their legs :)
I'm babysitting tonight, too.
This picture covers a LOT of ground.  The cushion got put back on the couch (by me) and I revived that plant.  What are those anyway???  You CAN'T kill them!!  I call it an Easter Lilly, but I might have made that up.  AND that is DUKE a.k.a. Ducas with his head looking out the window freaking touching my curtains by just standing there.  His dad went somewhere with Jeff tonight and left him with me.  I took him out for a walk and it was very much like walking a horse.  He cried and cried when his daddy left him (so sad...I didn't know what to do so we went for a walk).
Izzy was NOT happy about his presence.  She's cool unless I'm in the room.  She doesn't like Ducas anywhere near me.  I had to tell her she better settle down, I think Duke could take her.  She finally got up in her chair and got in her "spot".  We just have furniture for the dogs...
I learned that Duke does NOT like the flash on the camera and since I don't know what all of his barks and growls mean,
I decided to make that the LAST picture I took of him without his father being present.  After all, the dog weighs at least as much as I do.  He could probably take me, too.  (I think he's a GIANT pushover though).
Recognize this space???  That's where the Christmas decorations were until Saturday.  YEAH for public humiliation!  Sometimes it works.
I got all creative yesterday morning.  I knew I needed to be writing a speech or doing an essay or something so instead I decided my camera needed a new strap.  I just went back and whipped one up....
It will do for some scraps and it got me out of speech writing.  I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to just wing this one and pray for the best.  The anxiety has caused me to go on a diet and make drastic changes to my hair.  I'm not sure I can take much more.

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