Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meet my new friend Duke.  He's actually not a new friend...he's been around for a while just not AT my house.  Here lately, he is a daily visitor.  He is a Great Dane (A BIG DOG) and yes, those are my Christmas decorations behind me in the picture, but no worries, the meds are working well today.
Check out this huge monster.  He can lay his chin on my kitchen counter without even stretching.  He gets along well with everyone....thank goodness!!  He even talks...he can say "I love you!!"
He's talking in this picture.  He's too big to bark.  He peed a couple of nights ago in the house.  I thought a pipe had burst or something.  He's got skills.  (How about my pajama skills?  I'm not shy)
Here is my best friend Izzy.  For those of you that don't keep up with me on Facebook, which by the way is a MUCH easier way to "keep up" (just not a good journal) she got hit by a car on December 3rd.  She almost lost her left leg.  To be honest, I can't believe we saved it.  It had a drain in it for a week that I had to flush three times a day and not enough skin to sew together.  BUT, we did it.  After we pulled the drain, I let her go back inpatient for 5 days for intensive wound care, but that was all I could take of her being away.  We took care of it just fine at home in 7 short weeks without a single infection, she came out of that huge E-collar and all is well.
She has some permanent swelling and will more than likely experience some arthritis in that leg, but other than a scar that's actually hard to see now, you wouldn't know if I hadn't told you.
Of course, Tony still rules the roost, or at least he thinks he does.  Right after we got Izzy to the point we knew she was going to be able to keep her leg, Tony got in another fight and had to have a toenail removed.  Did you put it together that all of that was during Christmas??  Needless to say, Izzy's left leg was my Christmas present and Tony's toenailectomy was Jeff's gift :) 
Blue invented this contraption last night.  Her book light on her binoculars....I don't get it, but she thinks it's nifty.  She did clean her room today.  Only because my head spun around backwards last night and I spit pea soup...public blog embarrassment doesn't hurt either.

I'm having a hard time keeping up at the moment.  I don't know why...it's Spring Break.  I thought I was supposed to feel relaxed.
Here is a look at the planner on Spring Break....not much of a BREAK.  Blue has PT pretty much every day.  She broke her foot twice in 6 months...NO GOOD.  We are working on some PT to see if that will help.  She's been twice so far...we shall see.
Over and out.  Time to bleach the ole mustache...don't act like you don't have to do it too....
anybody know why some of last night's blog had things underlined in orange?????  that bothers me.

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