Saturday, March 19, 2011

.....lots going on today....

Sometimes "public" as in blog humiliation works....someone cleaned off his night stand.  He employed a little slave labor from his co-hoarder.
Isn't he cute when he works??  He has a particular obsession with receipts, for EVERYTHING.  I understand most of them, but the ones for gum, or a coke at Mickey D's....I don't really get those.
For Valentine's Day this year, I got him a purple box.  Purple is his favorite color.  I know, it was romantic...It was so he could clean off his damn nightstand and have a place to keep all of those receipts!!
Blue and I did some shopping today.  We put a hurting on Jun Lee.  If you are local, you know where I'm talking about.  If not, let me know and I'll hook you up with the inside scoop on a great little Memphis hole in the wall with some serious jewelry.
No makeup, pictures were all post shower.
LOVE THIS!!  Can't wait to wear it.
Savannah was doing tonight's photography and she is one of "those".  You know the one's that ALWAYS have to take a picture of themselves. :)
Trying out some Biore strips...Anybody remember those??
And I ended the night with some homework :(  NO FUN, but it had to be done.
Tomorrow wraps up our Spring Break.  We managed to get the laundry done today and since tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day, I'm thinking we may need to get out for a little more shopping.  Hope your weekend has been as great as ours has.

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