Wednesday, October 29, 2008


do you ever have those days where your mind just goes on and on? i'm not into capitalization tonight. i guess it's pure laziness. it is 8:10 and i am in my bed blogging. i came home from work, took a much needed bubble bath, ate a lot of dinner and got in bed in my jammies.

today started out with some culinary delight. ha. i burned the crap out of two fingers but other than that no children or animals were hurt in my yearly candied apple extravaganza! october, as i'm sure you know, is breast cancer awareness month. somehow, don't ask how, in my brain that equates to candied apples (maybe halloween has something to do with it) tied up with pink bows and delivered to friends, business associates and colleagues. since there are only two days left this month and i hadn't already gotten around to it, i decided today would be that day.

then they get packaged up and delivered like this....

so, that was fun. it's good to see some folks you talk to often but don't really get to see. i had a really scary thought today as a result of one of these little run ins. one of the girls i saw was asking how i was feeling with the steroids and everything. i told her much better this week. i really hadn't even had the thought to kill anyone in several days. as i was standing in front of her laughing about myself, she asked me if i had noticed any weight gain as a result of the meds. ha! no offense but did you think i was a total idiot? all 22 pounds of my "new" weight was standing right there for you to see, complete with the rosy red cheeks. i just said, well yes, i'm trying to learn to love my new chin. thanks jessi, for telling me you think they are charming. at this point i'm just hoping my new one doesn't grow hair like the old one. as if our monthly "friend" isn't tragic enough, as we age we have to start growing stray we ever catch a break?

good news on the canine front. i've been asking jeff to please take the dogs to the groomer for about a month now. we have this argument quarterly. when you've been married as long as we have you start to have quarterly arguments. anyway, he gets the dogs groomed really cheap and in return they get really bad haircuts. you may recall ethel's embarrassment with her va jay jay last time. when i take them i pay way too much but they look really nice. given the current economic conditions of this country, i was trying to save a dime and avoid the quarterly confrontation by giving my hunk of burning love every opportunity to get the girls groomed. after weeks of reminders, some not so gentle, i took matters into my own hands and am happy to report, ethel is not in hiding. she got an appropriate va jay jay trim.
she even liked her bows and still has them in. i'm telling you, these girls loved their day at the spa. they had the pumpkin spice spa works.
ethel is hard to get a picture of. she does not like the camera. mom thinks she's a lesbian. i'm a little torn on that topic. she may very well be, but i'm not convinced that if she were human she wouldn't be a nun. she's very much a loner. i think she spends a lot of quiet time off by herself in prayer. as a matter of fact, she's probably saying a prayer for the things i'm typing right now. i just had her fixed this year. she is 4. we tried to breed her, but she never got it. i'm not real sure what the deal is, but we love her for her.

now princess stella is another story. she is a true woman at heart. she loved her day at the spa and would pose all night if i were still taking pictures.

those are little "boo" bows in her hair. they are too cute.

tomorrow is hat day at school. i'm letting the kiddos fend for themselves tonight and they are freaking out. i'm in bed blogging and they can't figure out why i haven't gotten them prepared for school tomorrow. at what age do they become capable of handling that? i mean, seriously. all they have to do is find a hat to wear to school tomorrow. they aren't being asked to rewrite the constitution. i just bought new hats for both of them this past weekend. at this very moment, though, they, along with jeff are all in my closet looking for hats to wear tomorrow. savannah appears to have settled on my allstate hat and dalton on my st. jude hat. i wonder what happened to their hats. savannah was also searching my drawers for her shake for jake t-shirt. does the child really think i took hers or something? those kids are some strange creatures.
friday is the funky fun walk at school. it's a 70's themed fund raiser and it is tons of fun. jeff and i are the annual hosts of the fun walk dance party. we've got our costumes all put together. it's cool that it's on halloween this year. i guess it's pretty cool that our kids look forward to us hosting this event still. if i were them i would be embarrassed of us. i've got to run and try to get our music put together. i've had a ton of requests for the cupid shuffle. ha!
have a great night. hug your "creatures" and share your love.

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Jessi said...

You know what I realized? I really miss your blog when I don't get a chance to read it. This has been a busy week so I'm finally getting to catch up! You are one fabulous chick :)