Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I'm still here.

Well sort of anyway. I've really been having a hard time. I went back to the doctor today and they switched my meds up a little bit and I'm actually feeling slightly better tonight. He actually just gave me something to completely knock me out and it worked. I slept ALL afternoon. That was the first good sleep I've had in about 10 days. I was feeling quite psychotic. That was actually the words they used today....steroid psychosis. (I asked him NOT to write that down anywhere.) Steroids are some really mean things! If I take them, my hands work well enough to choke everyone in my path. If I don't take them my hands don't work well enough to hold an ink pen. HUMMM...This morning, I was ready to just not let my hands work. I have 9 more days to go. Hopefully, we will all survive.

Everyone around here is doing well. Jeff's back has been out. It's beginning to feel better. Dalton and Savannah both made Principal's List at school. SavyG is Star Student this week. She has had to do something special each day at school. Monday she took pictures to post on the board for the week. Yesterday she read a book of her choice to the class. She read Monster Manners. Apparently, it was a hit. Today, Jeff and I, had lunch with her at school. We actually stayed and had lunch with Dalton, too. Tonight, we are writing a poem about SavyG for her teacher to read to the class tomorrow. I'll post it soon. We are still working on it.

I'm working on a little chore chart. NO ONE in this house seems to understand that it needs to be cleaned before the Department of Human Services shows up and wraps this place in yellow tape. I'm taking off the rest of the week. Miss Tosha is back at work and for everyone's general well being, I need some time alone. I'm going to use that time to get this place in order as well and make a list of what everyone needs to do everyday of the week. It truly makes me sad that I have to write things down because those around me don't seem to be able to grasp them. I rearranged some furniture tonight and tomorrow I'm just gonna clean. Friday, I'm going to ENJOY the day off.

Saturday morning is RACE FOR THE CURE. Hopefully, my nerves will hold up and I'll make it through. Say a prayer if you have time. This is an important cause for me. I'll be there no matter what, but I sure would like to enjoy it.
I've got to sign up for Jake's Team as well. I recruited a new member this year. Rohn Cash signed up today to run the marathon. We've got to get signed up on the Team site. Raborn's, were coming, I promise. This year the kids are running. Jeff may, I'm not sure about him yet. I'm cheering, but I'm still raising money!! I'm really looking forward to it. It's become an annual event for my family and one I really love. I'm looking forward to the LA invasion. We've got room and board for those that need it. Just let me know!

I'll try not to go so long this time between posts. By the way, Grandmother is doing great. She still has a cough but is feeling much better over all. She also had her annual breast check and got the all clear again. It's been three years now without cancer.


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I'm glad that you are feeling a little better!!!!