Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I love the name on my blog. I know that sounds stupid, but I've really thought a lot about that. It's a common phrase and that bothered me about it at first. But as time has gone on, it means more and more.
I am in a very unexpected place at the moment. I am sitting in Room 3244 of Baptist East hospital with my Gorgeous Grandmother.

That picture was taken early in the Spring. This one was just taken about a month ago...

Well, she got pneumonia. This woman is never sick! She's had pneumonia for two weeks and has been working with her doctor to try to stay out of the hospital. Apparently, she wasn't being real honest with her doctor or the rest of us and telling us how she really felt. (She's kinda stubborn! HA, wonder where I get it?) Anyway, after spending Monday night on the bathroom floor with no clothes on (she'd kill me for sharing that) she finally got scared enough to call us for help. So here we are. We are still waiting on test results, but not only does she have pneumonia, STILL, her heart is not working very well. She didn't have a heart attack! We found that out this a.m. Last night when I got here she couldn't even get to the bathroom and back to the bed without blacking out. This a.m. we have been back and forth several times and even ate a little breakfast. The stubborn fart has lost 21 lbs in the last two and a half weeks. They came and did her echo this a.m. The doctor thinks the pneumonia has just put a strain on her heart and that it is enlarged??? He says antibiotics, breathing treatments, bed rest and close observation. SO, here we are and I'm not leaving.

I lived with my grandmother growing up and she is just like mom to me. We survived breast cancer a few years ago and we will survive this too. Say a prayer for her if you would.

Tosha and Emily have the office under control and Jeff has home duty so I'm camping out up here. We'll give an update a little later on.



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KKGrimmer said...

Prayers will be lifted for your BEAUTIFUL grandmother! I hope she gets to feeling better. I bet you are 'good medicine' for her!