Thursday, October 9, 2008


Wasn't that a song? Well, life is good in Room 3244. We are celebrating the small things right now and will welcome larger milestones when they arrive.

Grandmother stayed awake and coherent to watch CSI tonight...that's her favorite show. She coughed up some "sputum" to complete the doctors wishes this a.m. and is eating and drinking enough to disconnect from the IV pump for most of the day. So this a.m. she had a little bed bath and then when they took her to x ray I changed her bed. I even remembered how to do my bed corners and got two compliments on the beautiful bed I made from nurses. (I didn't tell them I spent many years in school learning to do what they do. Looking back, sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I had become a nurse.) Anyway, all that action wore her out. She had some of her best friends come by for a visit. She was so tired she could hardly hold her eyes open. When they left, she said, Kacy, it's a good thing you brushed my hair before they showed up. We both look a hot mess. Trust me on that one. She's eating much better. We will soon be getting concerned about the Poo Monster.

Today just felt a little better. It makes me angry every time I walk down this hall. We are on the Cardiac Floor and she is in the room before last on the Cardiac Failure Wing. That word "failure" just really bothers me. We aren't failing. We are strong and we will leave here. Respiratory Therapy was in 3 times today and Physical Therapy once. We are strong women and we'll get out of here together.

I left for a couple of hours this afternoon to go see SavyG's soccer game. They lost 2 - 0 tonight. I don't know if I mentioned that Savy scored in the game Monday night. SHE DID. She played great tonight and shot a couple of times, but she missed one and one was blocked. Jeffrey cooked me some spaghetti. That was the best meal I've had in days. Dalton was his usual lovey self. He had a headache. THANKS gang for holding it together. I'll be home soon.

Thanks for the prayers. They are working. Please Please keep them coming. We are making the best of this but it isn't fun for anyone. My grandmother is scared and we've had to have some really scary talks about things that I wasn't ready to have. I just want her well and back home. Have a good night.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kacy! I miss ya! Maybe everyone will get well soon and we can all get together! Mal Mal's birthday is soon! We are fixing to start sending out invitations! Love you!...Hope you are feeling better!Love,Maria

melanie, aka Mo said...

Hey Kacy. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. Been there with mine! Hope things get better soon. melanie