Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Happy New Year to EVERYONE. The kids went back to school today and the pieces seem to be falling back into line. All of my good shows are starting back up on TV and we are finding a routine.

Dalton had his first basketball game last night. He scored the first 2 points of the season for his team. That put a HUGE smile on his mama's face. He scored again a little later in the game too. I was so proud of him. What made me the proudest was the smile on his face. He's 10 now and struggling with his self confidence. He is so tender hearted and always has been. He's bigger than most of the kids his age and kids are just mean. He gets his feelings hurt and then just withdraws. He's done that a lot lately. As a mother, that's really hard. I just want to go beat those kids butts. Instead, I told Dalton to. He won't though. He said he wouldn't want to hurt anyone the way he was hurt and then he cried. I am showing a great deal of constraint in not eating some little kids for lunch right now. That brings out every feeling of guilt I could possibly have in my body. As a mom, I just want to fix it. We've had several talks and spent a lot of time together over the break. Tonight, I took him and enrolled him in a two week trial at Desoto Taekwondo. I met the owner a couple of months ago at an open house at the school. I really liked him and talked to him about what the program had to offer. He told me that a lot of the children at Dalton's age are enrolled for self confidence and also respect. We are going to give it a shot. He has a one on one tomorrow night. His next basketball game is Saturday morning at 8. I wonder whose bright idea that was.

Izzy is all curled up down here at my feet right now. She is my VERY best friend in the whole wide world. She is so sweet and such a good dog. I just love her and really can't imagine not having her.

I'm going to get in bed and cuddle up with her. Have a great one. Hug your babies and share all of your love.



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tombo713 said...

I love The Purpose Driven Life too! lol Just randomly found u on a search for that hehe!