Saturday, January 10, 2009


What's up Peeps? It's been a week. I actually sat down one night to blog but Dalton wasn't feeling good. I exchanged the computer for my baby boy who fell asleep in my lap. Do you know how long it has been since that happened? I don't even remember the last time. It felt so good. I have to admit though, he's kinda heavy. We had a busy week. Dalton had two basketball games. He scored the first two points of the season for his team. He had a great game and they won the first one. They had a game at 8 this morning. They didn't do so great today. ANYWAY, who schedules kids basketball games at 8 on a Saturday morning. WE are NOT morning people. Dalton also started Taekwondo this week. We went and met the owner one night. I had met him before at a school health fair. Dalton liked him so we scheduled a one on one with him. Dalt LOVED it. He goes back Monday. I hope it will help with his self confidence and such. He's at that really awkward stage. Anybody out there with boys this age, give me some pointers. They are just a different breed. He's so sweet and so tender hearted. He stinks, too. What's up with boys not wanting to shower? This kid would cut off his right arm if it meant he didn't have to bathe. I just don't get that.

Both kids got report cards this week and both had principals list again. I've been really lucky in that realm. I also just don't accept bad grades. Luckily, neither of them buck the system on that one.

I conned Jeff into cooking dinner tonight. I cleaned the kitchen so he's cooking. I started Weight Watchers this week. Stop laughing. It's really not funny. I weighed in at 153 pounds. Let me just say, POINTS SUCK. I started Wednesday. I've done good. I've stayed under my points the last two days and haven't used any of my weekly bonus points. Today hasn't been so great. I've used all of my points and haven't had dinner. I don't like this plan because it makes you constantly think about food. Thursday I got the official word to come off the roids. Thank you Jesus. They increased my Methotrexate and now I have to give myself shots. Hopefully, trying to watch what I eat and not taking steroids, I can drop this weight. It is NO good. Jeff is doing it, too. He gets so many points he can't even eat enough to use them all. That just stinks.

We have to go to court this week with Jeff's great aunt to let them decide what to do with this stupid house. I'm so ready to just get it done. I honestly hope we move. This place is ridiculously big and I feel like we are detached from the kids. Tonight we were over at Rohn's new house and I couldn't help but wish our house was that size. I would love to have everyone so close together. Call me weird, but I've had it both ways and I like that better. Plus, there isn't so much to clean!!!

Jeff and the kids gave the dogs baths today. Can you believe it? That was the first time ever and I didn't even ask him to. He must be sick! The kids thought it was great because Ethel shat in the bathtub!! OOPS!

I think Jeff was scared. He was out riding 4 wheelers with the kids today and the neighbors flipped theirs. They are okay but it scared everyone. I think it scared Jeff. He's grounded now. I can't believe the neighbors even let their kids play with ours. Last night, they went to the casino and their kids had a babysitter. Savannah was over there playing and Jeff blocked his number and called Savannah's cell phone. Katie answered and Jeff whispered into the phone, "Do you know where your parents are?" Katie said, "Who is this?" and Jeff said, "I'm in the closet." The kids all FREAKED out and called their parents. The Brownlee's called and told Jeff they were on their way home, could we check on the kids because they called crying. OH NO!!! So, they probably don't like us anymore. He said they'd get us back. They left this evening to go hunting. It's sad....I guess they think going out to play with guns in the woods is safer than playing with the neighbors.

Have a great week. I'm trying to get back on a schedule and remember to take pictures. We are off to church in the morning and I have mounds of laundry. These kids going mudding everyday is a pain.

Peace Out,

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Staci said...

Been gone from the blogger world for awhile. I'm catching up on what's been going on. The book Ashley gave you for christmas was hilarious. I think I would haved tinkled in my pants. Thanks again for the grant $. We appreciate you and your family sticking with us. It means the world.