Monday, January 23, 2012


Gees, we had our first test of the semester today!  The first one is ALWAYS the hardest regardless of the content.  This one was not only the first one but the content was all over the place.  Last semester, I flunked the first test and spent the rest of the semester trying to dig my way out of the hole.  I did it, but I didn't want to start this semester off that way.  LUCKILY, I didn't.  WHEW!!
Jeff has decided to become obsessed with everyone in the house's grades.  That sucks.  He started in on Blue this morning, wasn't pleased with my test score today, and just closed out the evening riding Dalton over some extra credit reading that he isn't doing.  Both kids have locked themselves away from him.  I asked him what his problem was when he was less than pleased with my performance today.  He backed off then.  He needs to get busy with something else.  Blue's test was bad, I'll give him that.  She brought it home today and we looked at it.  She actually marked the correct answers on the test and when she was bubbling in her answer sheet she messed up on one bubble and missed everything from that point on.  UGGHH.  JEFF, SOMETIMES IT HAPPENS.....  Back off.  He accused the kid of cheating.  Everybody in this house makes excellent grades but no one likes to be micromanaged.  I've ALWAYS handled the kid's grades, let me do my job, dear.  We love you!  (And if you cancel my DirecTV like you threatened to tonight, I'll just sell some of your power tools or burn the house down :)  Kiss Kiss) 
Oh, and I won the election today.  I'm pretty excited about that.  We have a meeting on Wednesday.  I guess I will learn what I am in for then.  I dodged my "friends" today.  I just don't have anything nice to say yet.  I'll keep praying on that one.
I have to go save my son now.  Blue just asked me when Dad started his Cougar, LOL.  That's her code word.  I don't know what the problem is.  I wish I could figure it out though.  It's bad around here tonight.  He better watch out or I will clean off his nightstand.
Peace!  We need some around here.

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