Friday, January 20, 2012

Holy Smokes Batman!

I've just had a Debbie Downer kind of day!  I'm trying to fix that right know with a Peach Daiquiri, maybe it will be working by the time I'm finished typing, LOL.  One day back, and I'm already in a mood :)
I woke up cranky.  It's my fault.  I usually keep an eye on the weather and subconsciously brace myself for the rainy days.  Yesterday was so nice I guess I just assumed today would be, too.  I wasn't so lucky.  I knew before I opened my eyes.  Any morning when you can't roll over by's just not gonna be cool.  Of course, once I get up and get moving it gets better, but it still sucks.  School was good and we even got out a few minutes early. 
My left foot has been hurting pretty badly since sometime around Thanksgiving.  I ignored it for a few weeks, but after finals I broke down and went to the doctor.  I had some pretty nasty inflammation in the joints in my second and third toes and in the joints where your toes connect to your foot.  No real reason for it, just lovely RA stuff....they put me in one of those lovely RoboCop boots and I've been in it ever since.  Blue has told everyone that my Carpe Diems were inflamed.  She went with me to my original appointment and somehow got my metatarsals confused with carpe diem.  Anyway, it hasn't gotten any better.  With clinicals starting in the next couple of weeks, I finally broke down and agreed to cortisone injections.  Those suckers hurt and I swear the smaller the joint, the more they hurt.  I also know that the more they shoot my joints the less effective it will be the next time.  I held out as long as I could, but it was time.

I sure hope it helps.  They went in both of those toes and then in through the top of my foot in two different places at the base of my toes.  Hopefully, it will start feeling better in a few days.  Tonight it hurts worse, but that is to be expected.  It's been traumatized, LOL.
OK, so here is my rant...I knew I needed this outlet.  We have an election at school on Monday for an office in our Student Nursing Association.  YES, I am running for political office.  WTH was I thinking?  I was hesitant at first, knowing that these typically turn out to be nothing more than a popularity contest.  I'm a bit old for that, but after thinking about it, I decided I really wanted the position and had a lot to offer and at the time no one else was stepping up to the plate.  After several more days, actually at the last minute, 4 others stepped up.  That was fine.  We had a meeting Wednesday and all had to introduce ourselves.  It was interesting.  I just told a little about myself and my background.  A couple of other students did pretty much the same thing.  One student developed an entire campaign and even started off with nursing jokes :) and another came up with a great idea she would implement if she won.  We vote on Monday and to be honest, I haven't thought much else about it.  We have our first test on Monday and I've been focused on yesterday's check offs and Monday's test.  Any of us would be fine in the position.  Tonight, once I got home and got settled, I got my laptop out and logged into FB.  We have a page set up that is just our nursing class.  There are 80+ members in our group.  We talk about EVERYTHING on there.  Lately, it's gotten out of hand and even been a bit weird, but whatever.  So, I'm scrolling down reading questions people are asking about our upcoming test and BAM!  There is a post from a young student directed at Kacy Acree.  It asked me why I didn't disclose to the class that I had actually graduated from nursing school at this very school before???  WHAT?  <>   I guess negative campaigning even happens in nursing school.  This young lady went on to explain how her mother told her that one of her friends told her that I had already done this and graduated.  Sister, if I had already done this, WHY would I be here?  I calmly replied that I didn't know where this information came from, but I was sorry it just wasn't true.  I unfortunately had told the truth the other day.  So then, her mama comments and proceeded to call names about who told her.  I once again, calmly replied that I was pretty sure I knew more about my own life than anyone else did.  About 20 minutes later she comes back with...well I called so and so to get to the bottom of this and she said she guessed the person that told her must have been mistaken. Sorry for the confusion.  Excuse me, but WHAT?  You went back and checked my story tonight with your "source"?  OMG.  A little while later, I got a message from our page "moderator" who saw right through the cheap "political" shot being taken at me and took the whole comment down.  I have since been apologized to in my INBOX of course.  I'm so stinking mad about that.  I'm way too old for some crap like that and I sat in front of you today for two hours in class.  You could have asked me if you really wondered why I wouldn't disclose such information, not that it should matter anyway.  I'm old enough to be your mom for heaven's sake!!!  Am I really that much of a threat??  GEES!  I guess it actually hurt my feelings more than it made me mad.  I felt attacked and rightfully so.  I was publicly called a liar.  For heaven's sake, somebody has been drinking too much HATERADE!  Ugghhh!  Why are people so stinking mean?
My peach daiquiri wasn't sitting too well, so I gave up and Jeff drank it.  I've got to go study and TRY to get some sleep.  I've been seriously deprived in that category lately.  Have a great weekend.
Peace Out,

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