Saturday, May 21, 2011

Project of the Day/WEEK

I took on a new project this past week that landed me outside quite a bit.  I didn't really mean to start a project considering in the last 7 days I spent a day in the hospital with Dalton - food poisoning, Blue had an all day field trip to the Space Center in Huntsville Alabama, Dalton got inducted into the Junior National Honor Society, Blue had her end of the year 5th Grade Cookout (I'm Room Mom), Dalton had his last day of 6th Grade, all of the "normal" soccer events of the week, and oh yeah, I work.

Can you see that building among the trees?  That is the building Jeff built last Fall/Winter.  If I'm not mistaken, it's still empty.  BUT, it HAD to be done then.  He didn't choose to work on the inside of my still unfinished house.  I'm having to take some of those matters into my OWN hands.
He did do a good job of camouflaging the building though, which was a BIG concern to me.  There really isn't a way to make a HUGE metal building look attractive on  your land.  It also houses the Bug and Golf Cart and should house the lawn mowerS, but he chooses to keep those up near the house.

OK, we scored this awesome antique mantle on Craig's List.  Jeff is an avid Craig's List shopper.  Me...not so much.  I like the deals he finds, but I don't have the patience to shop.  This one paid off and we scored it for $20.  We are having to do a little work on the wall for it to fit, but in the end we are still coming out great.  AND, it gave Jeff the opportunity to show off his power tools.  Power tools make him happy.  I don't get it.  I prefer a hammer and nails.  Jeff prefers a nail gun that requires an air compressor.  Whatever floats his boat..

I posted pictures of my score on FB and my idea to paint it white to match the trim.  Several folks were as proud of my find as I was and suggested different ways to finish it.  Considering everything else I had going on, my creative juices were not flowing on this one.  It's a good thing I have friends I can count on :)  Donna told me to spray paint that bad boy and but a chocolate glaze on it.  She's never seen my house (that I know of anyway) but she couldn't have told me anything more perfect for my hodge podge of decor.  After a few questions and a few brief directions that all played out on Facebook, I dove in.  (I ain't skeered of some paint.)
This was after the first coat of spray paint and it was getting dark and I had to quit.  Not to mention my husband had moved on to a gas can and some sort of fire making device...Have I mentioned the fire department has paid my husband MANY visits over the years.  That small fire in the background was an ant hill.  Poor ants.
I just think these are pretty so I took a picture of them.  Anybody know what they are??  They are just occurring naturally in my back yard (a part which still has had NO attention) but I really like them.
I took the next two pictures in time sequence watching Jeff from a distance.  He had a large pile of branches and sticks that have been blown around the yard from recent storms.  What caught my eye, was that he had come back up to the patio for MORE gasoline.  Apparently this size fire was not big enough for him.
So, he poured gas on it.  I was shocked to find out he still had eyebrows when all was said and done.
I asked him to note that not only did he take out the ants, but to also note the LARGE amount of grass he burned.  He doesn't really care what I think when it comes to the yard.  I've left it alone.  He'll get obsessed over it sooner or later.  He always does...
I told you it was a busy week...This one passed out on the trampoline.
Two coats of paint...
Here is a misplaced picture of before, but we will make the most of it.
Here it is finished and back in my living room with that unfinished wall.  I WILL BE SO GLAD TO HAVE MY DEN PUT BACK TOGETHER!!
I'll catch up on all of the other events later this week.

Peace Out.

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