Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Turkeys and Armadillos

No new pics today gang. I got an old woman haircut that I'm not thrilled about and absolutely NOTHING changed around the homestead. We caught that dadgum mouse last night and when Jeff went outside to put it in the trash cans an armadillo was standing there staring at him. It even freaked him out a little. He said it was a good thing I wasn't out there. I would have gone into full blown cardiac arrest. I'm just not lovin the country life right now. I've had enough horses running freely down my street. If one more deer jumps in front of my Suburban, I think I'm just gonna hit it. Oh and the turkeys....yeah, the ones I thought were over sized crows in the back yard. What the hell? I like turkeys on Thanksgiving and that's about it. The rest of the these varmints need to go somewhere else. I'm a little overwhelmed lately. Armadillos in my driveway? Are you kidding me? Ashton Kutcher are you punking me? This is NOT cool and I honestly don't think I'll ever look back at this time and laugh. HAHAHAHA Remember that time you didn't have a kitchen sink????..........See what I'm sayin? It's just not funny.

Jeff is outside right now with a flash light trying to scare me. I hope one of those armadillo familys comes up and does what ever armadillos do to people. GROSS. Aren't they members of the sloth family? If this is country livin, I'm not so sure country livin is for me. I like people and kids and domesticated animals. I'm not real big on wildlife.


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