Thursday, October 15, 2009

Taking out the Trash

Nope...that's not one of the old pictures of that future "breakfast room". That's one I took TODAY. Did you notice it looks EXACTLY the same? That's because it is!! That's not why I took the picture though. Those are the "breakfast room" windows that need new curtains. Jeff and I went looking for fabric Tuesday for our bedroom. Needless to say, we didn't find anything for the bedroom, but these two jumped out at us for the this room.
I like this pattern the best (above). The orange throws me just a little but it won't after the tile in the kitchen gets in.
These colors are right on the money EXCEPT for the black. And I don't like the pattern as well for the design I have in mind. Give me some feedback? Whatcha thinkin? Do you want to see it nailed up by the window? I think that may be what I need. Most of you cats NEVER comment and I am asking for help on this. If you hate it tell me you hate. I would. And I respect that. I might make them even if you hate them, but I still want your opinion.

So, this picture is a great description of my day! Why, yes, those ARE my FAVORITE black peep toe pumps hanging out of the garbage can. I came home to that tonight.


Wanna see what else is in that trash can.....

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I can't take it anymore!! I've totally developed a new phobia. As if I didn't have enough to begin with. We were home just long enough tonight to clean up the trap mess and my most awesome pair of pumps...did I mention that I only recently have been able to even wear heels again and this was the ONLY pair I could make it ALL the way through the day in. (THAT SUCKS!) Ethel ate them! She's in hiding tonight. I strongly suggest she stay there. ANYWAY, we went to buy mouse poison. In my mind, I know that we currently have 11 traps set and have for two days. In that time, we have caught that one little mouse. I know all of that in my mind, but my body has a mind of it's own. Catching one little mouse should NOT be having such a horrible effect on me. Jeff and I were at Dollar General buying poison and he reached up to grab some on the top shelf. A box fell over and I jumped into the air fresheners across the aisle and screamed like someone had just stabbed me. Air Wick and Febreze went flying everywhere, my throat was stinging from the sound emission, and Jeff just looked at me like I was "Special". Maybe I need an exorcism. Something has GOT to give. I'm drinking a cold Bud Light with Lime (probably frying my liver, I took my MTX shot tonight) and praying for a good night's sleep.
I'm ready for this to be a thing of the past!

I also wish I had a cat that worked. Tony is in the middle of a MAJOR identity crisis. He definitely does not think he is a cat. Sometimes, we think he thinks he's a dog, but if he is he is the dog Supreme. He's definitely better than they are (in his eyes of course.) Sometimes, I just think he thinks he's human.
This is what was going on at the foot of my bed last night.

Dad, I need some loving!

Ok, then, I'll just stand on this thing you keep thumping on.

Then he got on the other side and FORCED Jeff to pet him by sticking his head into and under his hand. Crazy Cat...Go catch some mice. Then Izzy got jealous and I just had to get out of the bed.
I have a 300lb husband, an 80lb lab, a 15lb cat and a laptop and cell phone are glued to Jeff's hands at all times. LET ME OUT!! Somehow, they just follow when you leave the room. Strange.
Jeff is not thrilled by new blogging persistence. He has developed an online auction fetish. He's addicted and it is killing him that I'm on the computer and he can't have it! HeHeHe. He has bought some really stupid stuff that we had no need for, BUT, "it was a great deal". Dear God, Help me in my time of NEED.




Renee said...

Really like both fabrics. Seeing what you've done so far I'm thinking it'll look great. Keep the pics coming.

Dawn said...

I like the first fabric most. You are a talented little cookie. I love reading your are so funny.

Missy said...

Hey crazy lady...(takes one to know one). I like the first fabric but the second one I don't like at all. But I don't have to look at it so my opinion doesn't matter. I just don't like black in with it. I was looking for new rugs the other day and came across several i liked until there was black in it...I put them back....just my opinion lol
A freaking armadillo??? ru kidding me? I think I would of started some target shooting girlfriend. Let me share my story about me and Bambi (and Bambi's family). We built this shack I live in about 3.5 years ago. It was nothing but land so obviously we have disturbed Bambi's pack. I have had 2 effing deer hit me in 3 years...NO I DID NOT HIT THEM, they have hit me. Twice I was driving home and the first time the big ass sucker jumped from the passenger side from the woods (were directly to my right) and slammed into the right side of the car. Second time, hubby and I were coming home and this big ol sucker shot out and as I saw him, and started to yell, he hit the side view passenger mirror, flipped, all the while on the hood. His face landed facing me in my windshield. I seriously had nightmares for three weeks over that damn deer. His tongue hanging out staring at me. Both times the deer died but dammit, it did NOT do good things to my insurance. We also have turkey here, saw 6 just last week just on my street. I told dh I thought I was in Deliverance because normally I dont see them in teh actual street.

RADstitches said...

I love the first fabric.. and don;t care for the 2nd one at all! And I DO comment thank you very much!!!! Where the HELL have you been!?!?! LOL Just kidding.. I know I am one to be talking! Holler!

Anonymous said...

LOVE those colors!!! See you sunday!! Love you