Monday, June 7, 2010

Big Girl Panty Kind of Day

While I believe I have finally mastered the picture thingy on blogger again, I regret to tell you....there will be none today.  GASP, I know...I did NOT take a single picture today.  Back at the first of the year I committed to Project 365.  That didn't work out.  I kind of decided to do it on New Year's Day and didn't think out a good way to document my pictures.  I'll think that one out better next year (maybe).  I still like the concept and don't really understand why it has to start on New Year's Day....why not my birthday?  I think I like that idea.  I hear Flickr is the way to go with this project....I guess I need to figure out Flickr since my age change is fast approaching.

Today turned out to be one of those where you really wish you hadn't left your big girl panties at home.  I should have known....All this week my children have camps from 9 -1.  Ordinarily, I would be doing the happy dance in the middle of the street to have 4 hours for 5 days in a row that my children were otherwise occupied.  The problem is they both start at 9 and are about 45 minutes from each other.  This is definitely a week of divide and conquer and carpool, too.  For some reason we shelled out over $400 for this insanity.  To make matters even more interesting, I had to go for my girly tune up this morning at 9:20.  On my way out the door, I got a very suspicious text from a friend and fellow agent that is on vacation this week....Things were not going good.  About the time I was shoving Dalton out of the truck, I found out a fellow agent is in the hospital in ICU and not doing well at all.  I was instantly sick.  Knowing that I had to keep going this morning, I prayed the whole time I was on the interstate.  It's a good thing, I guess, because I have no idea how I got there and on time at that. 

I have come to know that if I go into a doctors office thinking ALL is good, I am typically in for a rude awakening.  SO, I pulled the extra stick of Secret out of the console that I keep for just such emergencies and slathered on an extra swipe or two.  After my blood work and awesome trip to the scale, I was beginning to think things were going to be cool.  SCREECH, put the brakes on.  Only I can go in for a routine check up and come out with some minor outpatient surgery scheduled.  NICE.  So, I did what any woman should do after such a rough morning and I went shoe shopping.  The doctor told me not to lose more than 10 more pounds.  I would really like to lose 20 more.  When I told Jeff, he said, "Well you aren't going to listen are you?"  ????  Why did I get married again?

 I let everyone know before we even got home from all camps that TODAY was the day the house was going to get cleaned.  Of course, by the time I changed my clothes to get started, I couldn't find a soul.  They were all outside and Jeff had decided that something just HAD to be fixed on the car.  I DON'T think so, buddy.  The kids split the bathrooms and I rearranged Dalton's room and cleaned the rest of the house and got all of the beds changed.  Jeff walked around with a tape measure and managed to do absolutely nothing.  I sweetly explained that this was the last time I would take my day off to clean house.  If we are all unable to keep this place cleaned up, we will no longer be able to eat out because I am going to hire a housekeeper.  I'M SICK OF IT.  (I'm screaming that in case you were confused.)  One meal out with my family would pay for the housekeeper for the week.  Considering we typically eat out twice a week, that would do it.  I don't care if they eat bologna sandwiches if my house is clean.  I need that mental peace more than they realize.  AND, they are all lazy.  I think I'm going to start charging them to live here.  Something has GOT to give.

We still don't know about soccer.....I guess they were kidding when they told us the whole Sunday night Monday morning thing.  No, not really....I actually think they are going from 4 teams to about 7 or 8 teams and are actually completely overwhelmed.  I am still hoping that my two children are a part of those teams.  My two children are REALLY hoping they are.  One of Dalton's friend's Grandmother lives not far from us and she came over and played this afternoon.  The kids love her and so do Jeff and I.  I was so happy to see my kids playing outside until dark.  Dark here is pitch BLACK.  Jeff had to take the friend home, because it was so dark outside.  It feels good to see the kids dirty and exhausted from a hard day of playing.

Prayers for my fellow Allstate Agents please.  I only know bits and pieces, but those aren't good and they have an uphill battle to fight.  These are some special fellas in my market and they have become like family.  Thanks for your help.


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